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Hi, you’ve got mail missing

March 16 2020

Courier post and NZ posts delivery service is beyond any words can describe. I have suffered through Fernhill fiasco about 10 years ago where I complained for 6+ months before they figured out The problem with their delivery person throwing away the mail. Now in LHE I am having randomly missing mail or delivery late or even had a imaginary parcel from AKL which the shipper forgot to send but Courier post had me track and said they delivered... I have had XMAS mail delivered after 7 weeks from the USA - their excuse they don’t control overseas mail. Ok, how about a local hospital appointment letter from Queenstown and ANZ bank statements never delivered?
As we see the town growing and the center has moved to Frankton. While we have a post office in a pharmacy which is hard to get to and parking problems. How about moving the branch to a shopping area with plenty of parking and easy to get in and out. I know this franchise is owned by the same owner who owns a pharmacy so we the public have to put up with this. Try getting in and out of that pharmacy parking area... Wish there was a major competition to NZ POST for local mail and small parcels.

Your mail will get delivered eventually from Tom Hanks #castawayreference