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Hangzhou Sister City

November 5 2018

Why on earth is ‘Queenstown’ considering a sister city relationship with a Chinese City of 9 million??! Queenstown is fast losing respect within NZ for selling out to tourists that clog the roads and CBD that has no interaction with the locals.

DQ marketing QT strongly in a city of 9 million will only worsen the issues we face now. Quoted from a recent article our Mayor says - “Boult says Queenstown, as a fast-growing resort, can also learn from how Hangzhou’s handled its own staggering growth”. How about we learn by not actively inviting this growth!

The worst thing is that we are paying for it through tax dollars! Who’s asking for this?? Come on Jim, DQ and whoever else is trying to fill ‘our’ town with ‘high spending tourist dollars’. Look after the locals and think of Queenstown’s true values.

Ready To Leave QT

Response from QLDC

Many thanks for the opportunity to respond to your reader’s concern. It is worth explaining that a Sister City relationship is not a business development opportunity nor a mechanism to grow tourism. The concept of a Sister City is one of a broad-based, long-term partnership between two communities that can provide exchange opportunities and share learnings in arts and culture, youth and education, business and trade, community development and much more.

It is important to connect with cities, communities or regions international that share similar challenges to provide maximum benefit to both parties. Guilin City in China has been experiencing significant growth in tourism and population, and there would undoubtedly be opportunities for us to share learning on how to ensure this growth can be managed sustainably and add value to the resident communities.

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  • Back Scratcher

    Why was DQ subsidising a local Journalist on this jaunt?Apart from a happy snap of the Mayor in a big chair and a puff piece advertorial about Guilin City nothing of substance was reported back to the masses in Queenstown.

    Posted 06/11/2018 4:23pm (9 months ago)


    Can anyone tell us exactly how many people went on this jaunt, and how many were paid for by QLDC....or is it a big secret....I do like to know what I am paying for.....

    Posted 07/11/2018 1:43pm (9 months ago)