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Grubby Storefronts

April 15 2019

Hey shopkeepers, your shop has an inside; and an outside. Queenstown shopkeepers seem to be oblivious to the amazingly grubby appearance of the outside of too many of their stores; yet every day potential shoppers walk past the outside of your shop deciding whether to go inside. Walk on any street, past many stores and you’ll see vomit remaining for a week or more; or weeks of urine staining a particular corner. The sills below the windows almost all show years of grime where a good scrub with a bucket and scrubbing brush could reveal not just clean surfaces...but a degree of pride in your premises. Food stores are not exempt from this criticism; one pizza shop looks absolutely filthy. Why? Maybe acceptable in 3rd world places but we ain’t that! Blame the landlord? Blame the guy who puked in your doorway? Nah... Blame the attitude from within. Spend 2 minutes every morning when you open your doors and present your shop to the world. You just never know. One extra customer may walk in.

Unhappy Customer

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