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♪ Gross Plastic Mountain Scene Bags ♪

May 13 2019

The Mountain Scene gets delivered to my house regularly, as it does to all the houses on my street. Every time it is delivered I collect at least 6 other papers wrapped in plastic from various driveways. The papers end up in my recycling bin. Has the Mountain Scene considered the amount of waste in delivering these papers? Particularly the single use plastic waste that comes with each paper, this concerns me the most. A more sustainable approach would be to deliver the papers without the plastic wrap, or even better, rely on the distribution bins around town where people can collect one one if they want. Do most people not read the Mountain Scene online these days anyway?
Please give this some thought, it upsets me every time I walk up my street collecting newspapers (which are often wet anyway despite the plastic) from the driveways of the many holiday homes.

FW after no reply from Scene

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