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Free coffee and postage don’t mix

February 24 2020

I think we really ought to re-think our current in town postal service situation. Can the staff actually cope? The other day I was in there at the Night’n’Day on Church Street at 1.30 pm and the line for check out was packed! Tradies with reusable coffee cups lining up to take advantage of their month long deal of free coffee for those who BYO’d their own cup.

It’s a great deal with a immediate impact. I often catch tradies sipping on single-use cups so it was refreshing to see them shift their habits for free coffee. But it’s obvious to see that currently this deal causes major strain on the front line staff and the postal service is left unattended / avoided.

I was left waiting for a good 8 minutes as the poor staff chugged through single orders of workers on smoko. In hindsight, I’m sure they probably wish they’d never started that promotion when the O’Connell building was getting re-done. Regardless, the staff seem overwhelmed when they have to switch from making coffee’s to sorting out sending an important document or large package. Let’s be honest, when sending your package it comes with a lot of questions (especially if it’s getting sent afar). With the amount of transient folk residing here I’m sure sending different items abroad isn’t so straight forward, and the staff simply don’t have the time to cross reference or talk it through. I do wonder how much training NZ post has given them? Have they just been lumped with another task on top of their duties? Do they get paid more to accommodate this additional service? Personally, this system doesn’t seem to be working. NZ post should explore a smarter option - Why don’t we have a hole in the wall postal service? Or a parked up caravan servicing everybody’s packaging needs? There needs to be a designated spot to sort your postage not an add-on to a already bustling business.

Caravan postal shop does sound smart

  • Just around the corner ...

    Agreed it’s a lot for the Night’n’day staff to handle - but we do have a post office in town. Next time head to the PO box room beside Rata restaurant, and you’ll find the lovely ladies that used to staff the main post office. They’re super knowledgeable, friendly and efficient!

    Posted 25/02/2020 1:24am (2 years ago)

  • Between 1876 and the Pig & Whistle

    There's a drop box and postal shop open 9-4pm Monday - Friday just down the alley way between 1876 and the Pig & Whistle :) they're great in there.

    Posted 25/02/2020 11:31am (2 years ago)


    Yes.....with the modernisation of the world, you go to the dairy shop to do your postage, and you go to the Post Office to get your cup of coffee.....thats progress for ya

    Posted 25/02/2020 1:27pm (2 years ago)

  • Cleone Blomfield

    When you are stuck with such a dilema ask the Queenstown CAB?
    Only 100 meters from the Night'n'Day store in Church street is New Zealand Parcel Post and there is rarely a queue there. The P.O. staff there (from the old P.O.) are excellent and dedicated to sending parcels. Find NZ Post behind the Pig and Whistle in where the P.O. Boxes are.

    Posted 26/02/2020 3:55pm (2 years ago)

  • Be The Change

    Why not put your concerns and suggestions to NZ Post? Only they can address these issues. There is a dedicated NZ Post shop as others have mentioned behind the Pig & Whistle. I believe there is very little signage for this shop due to the contracts with Night 'n' Day service centers. If the current system isn't working for the town then surely NZ Post need to be made aware of your concerns so they can address the issues.

    Posted 27/02/2020 10:38am (2 years ago)