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For Our Children, And Their Children After?

February 12 2018

Recently the Glenorchy Camp has started tours available to the public to see what the campground is actually about. Due to open in March this amazing place has taken an approach that really redefines eco friendly and up cycling.

It’s amazing to see what they have done for the Glenorchy community and what they can offer visitors to the area. This is a project that really is for our children and their future children.

It’s disapointing other local tourism operators consider planting trees once a year an act to preserve the land for their children and thereafter when really they are just greedy and do the albsolute minimum to comply for environmental ratings.
Take a leaf out of the Glenorchy Camp grounds page and take a look in the mirror. Is it really for your children or is it for your profit?


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  • RE

    Kind of funny hehe.
    You try planting anything through the summer, it'd be dead in a week, same goes for winter. Spring and Autumn that's the time to get out and plant your tree's. That is unless you've got unlimited resources for irrigation

    Posted 14/02/2018 3:10pm (1 year ago)