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Flat Earth. Court Case. Click bait.

August 26 2019

Recently a local journalist published an article on the Herald that highlighted two Queenstown locals amidst a ridiculous court case of he said, nah, he said. To save yourself 5 -10 minutes of your life, I will give you my hypothesis because it is truly not worth the time of day to read this.

Two male stoners, squabbling about whether the earth is flat or not. One whole-heartedly believes it is and puts $10,000 bid on the line, both shake on it with a vague understanding that neither party obviously have this amount of money on hand.

Yet, one of the culprits are stubborn on the bet, the other adamant on their view. After a couple of taunting encounters it evoked a flippant threat to kill the flat earther... with a crossbow. The threat is taken seriously by the victim and got dragged into the courts where the judge ultimately had to play the role of a school teacher, and made both parties apologize to each other before dismissing the case. LIKE CHILDREN. WHY did this get published? Honestly! It’s not news at all. I read it as a squabble. I s’pose they knew they would get a click- bait reaction. Is this what our news has become? The best headline wins? Only good thing to come of this article is the flat-earth puns

Herald plays Flatmate for headline.

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