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May 27 2019

Feedback - Pedestrians - we walk on the left
Bloody hell mate, you sure you weren’t raised in communist China? I’ll walk on whatever side of the road is the sunniest or most interesting thanks and if that loses me some good citizen credits from our dear leaders, then so be it. Or until I’m sent to re-education camp, obviously.

Feedback - Bikers and cars don’t mix
Sorry, but what else would you expect when you put a downhill mtb park in the middle of town and offer next to nothing in the form of bike lanes, bike paths or secure bike storage in town? Yes they may be acting dangerously, but did you expect people to fly down a mountain at mind numbing speed risking life and limb with adrenaline levels through through the roof, and get off their bikes and walk home from the base car park? I think its someone in the town planning dept that needs to pull their head in, and stop blaming visitors for doing the things they were enticed to come here for. If you want a real sense of bikes and cars not mixing, try renting a bike and riding out to 7 Mile bike park, and have a real fear for your life after battling the road with cars, trucks, busses and motor homes with zero accomodation for cyclists visiting either the bike park or commuting from the Sunshine Bay area. But no let’s blame the people that have travelled from around the world because they were told how amazing the biking is here. Don’t tell them to come here to ride bikes, and be shitty when they show up to ride bikes.

Feedback - Bikers and cars don’t mix
It might well be beneficial for those who ride bikes to remember that NZ law requires them to wear helmets,obey the road rules and be considerate of others especially those walking on footpaths. That while the NZ Police in Queenstown appear to have a relaxed attitude to enforcing these laws (I have seen them drive past while bikers are racing around with out helmets) P might do well to remember that when bikers who enjoy doing wheelies and and whizzing past at breakneck speed and often straight down the steps without due consideration for others.That as a result they have to be carted of to the medical center or hospital and put their scrapped skinned hands hands out for ACC ,its the New Zealander Taxpayer who foots the bill.
P*** Off

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