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Easter And Fireworks

April 9 2018

Who knew that we celebrated Easter by letting off fireworks? I though it was all about gorging yourself on chocolate and for those of us who are religous - heading to church. But it turns out people like to let off a few fireworks too since it’s a long weekend.

People love to save their fireworks from Guy Faulks and let them off at random times throughout the year just to give their neighbours a little surprise. But do you know who gets a hugh surprise, the animals.

I love fireworks, but my dog does not. He hates them, he gets so upset he runs around the house crying. I can handle Guy Faulks, because you know its coming, you can prepare yourself and your pets. I am even prepared for New Years Eve. Two nights a year I know to make sure my pets are locked in the house and are made to be as comfortable and safe as possible.

But I can’t do this when they are let off at random times of the year and it is very unpredictable. At all hours, and at any day throughout the year.

I support banning private fireworks and having public displays since people cannot be responsible with them and only let them off on the two nights of the year that it is acceptable.

P.S. These weren’t the Fireworks up Coronet Peak that we were warned about, these ones were much closer to home.

Pissed Off Fire-Cracker

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