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Drivers Of Arthur´s Point Slow Down, Please!

October 1 2018

The road code is clear - 20 km/hr when passing a school bus zone. It is the law, and we must comply. So to remind this fact to some drivers, this is the information posted in the NZ Transport Authority website.

If a school bus has stopped you must slow down and drive at 20km/hr or less until you are well past (no matter which direction you are coming from) if:

- The bus displays a school bus sign on which the lights are flashing, or
- The bus shows a school bus sign (with or without flashing lights) and has stopped to pick up or to drop off school children.

So - Why do drivers passing the Arthur´s Point bus stop area not comply with this? Why do they think 80km/hr or 100km/hr is acceptable when there are children around? Are they unaware of the law or just stupid and don´t care?

This is what I see every day when I walk my son to the Arthur´s Point bus stop to wait for the school bus. Many locals use this great service, and their kids take the school bus. Parents love it, and children love it too.

All I see these mornings is people driving their cars without a care in the world. I´ve seen people driving so fast that many of the parents present have made a point to show them to slow down with their hands. It is terrifying.

What is going on? Is Queenstown a free zone where no rules apply? Is it going to take a horrible accident and a hurt child for people to understand that they MUST slow down when kids are around?

Children are unaware of the danger, especially if they are playing and having a good time with their friends. They do not think of the danger. That´s why we as a society must look after them.

Please, people. Can you stop and think for a minute and protect what is most dear to us. It is not hard to slow down and pay attention. We have many children at the bus stop waiting in the mornings. So, now that the kids are on holiday we can use this time to work on understanding our driving rules.

Let’s keep our children safe when they come back next term. Please. I beg you

Irate Mother

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  • That Guy

    Not to condone speeding, but you're misunderstanding the law, as you quoted - 20kmh passing a school bus, not a bus stop or school zone, the actual stationary bus...

    Posted 01/10/2018 2:57pm (7 months ago)

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