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Don’t throw glass bottles at Fat Freddy’s

February 24 2020

To the person who threw the glass bottle at Fat Freddy’s, You must have known that throwing a glass bottle into the crowd would likely ruin someone’s night. That bottle ended up hitting my friend in the forehead leading to two alpine bumps and a bloody gash! A lucky result, considering the bottle could have shattered or left her concussed. You are a douche and there is no place for people like you at events like this. I extend to you my most sincere F-U from me, my friend, and everyone in the crowd that the bottle could have hit. Thankfully she’s alright, and on the flip side, I’d like to give a big thank you to the event staff and medical tent for their calm, quick response and good sense of humor. Keep rockin’ Fat Freddy! P.S. Sorry to anyone who was startled by the little blonde girl with the big black eye trying to pet your dog.

She’s in good spirits