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Interesting Points

June 4 2019

Some interesting points - including the fact that “Downtown” Queenstown and Arrowtown should be left for tourists while Frankton and Five Mile are for all the locals because you say “all the services are there:”. Why oh why then does the QLDC insist on spending our ratepayers money on building their new super HQ right in the middle of tourist-ville at the corner of Ballarat St/Stanley St? It’s time us ratepayers stopped letting non-elected council staff tell us how they are going to spend our money. Move the QLDC to Frankton so everyone can get there - no tourists need to deal with the QLDC so why should locals battle with traffic and parking to visit them?. Perhaps Alistair Porter was correct a few years back when he quipped that the QLDC should not decide where to put their new HQ on the basis of where the staff like to go for a drink after work.

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    This is exactly right....there is no way that QLDC can justify building their new office in downtown should be built at Queenstown Central, so that all the builders, planners, resource consent agents etc can get to them easily.....come to think of it, maybe their cunning plan is to base themselves in a place that is so hard to get to, or get parking near, so they dont get annoyed by customers....perhaps thats their thinking.....I wonder....

    Posted 04/06/2019 6:09pm (1 year ago)