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Doggy No-No

May 1 2017 by Mary

To all you irresponsible dog owners out there that think it’s okay for you to let your dog/s rush up to other dogs - IT’S NOT.

I am sick and tired of people who have no control over their dog/s. I have put a lot of time and effort into training my dogs, they are under control 100% of the time, either by verbal command, whistle or hand commands.
What I don’t understand is you visually see me call my dogs when I see you with a dog and put them on a lead, yet you still let your dog rush up. When I ask you to call your dog, or to keep it away from mine, you make either no effort or have no control whatsoever.

In my life of having dogs, we have been attacked three times. One dog I had to have put down. My dogs were socialaliased at a young age but they have no interest and don’t particularly like other dogs. Especially when they get rushed at. How hard is it to put some time and effort into training your dog? If you need help ask Gary Wulff. I have no hesitation in whacking or giving your dog a kick if it gets too close to mine! I have spoken to several other people that feel the same way.

If you are unsure, call Animal Control and they will let you know that the LAW is all dogs must be under control at all time. So show some consideration for other dog owners and keep yours away!

Responsible Dog Owner

- Mary
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    I was walking my little dog one day, when this pit bull type dog charged us, with the dim-witted owner looking on. He had no idea of what to do, so I let him know that if his dog bit mine, I would hunt down and shoot his dog. At that he came over and took some control over his dog. Little did he know that I was dead serious about my threat. In my opinion, it's both the dog and the owner that's to blame. Why is it that half-wits are attracted to vicious dogs?

    Posted 18/04/2017 6:51pm (1 year ago)