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Does it need a celebrity to get noticed?

April 23 2019

Peter Jackson wrote a scathing letter to Wellington Council last week which of course all the media picked up on. Peters letter certainly got the mayors and councils attention and dragged them off their leave to respond. Do we need a serious celebrity to get on board to stop the crazy development proposals that are sailing through council. Local residents are up in arms at the developers who are making a fortune whilst creating slums of the future and with no requirement to contribute to the infrastructure that will mitigate the mayhem in the making. It seems local resident resistance is have a limited affect. Peter has stood up for Shelly Bay in Wellington, who can make the same impact here?

Cry for help!

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    The only way that this development madness is going to stop, is the huge earthquake that is forecast to hit us over the next few the rats leave the sinking ship then......

    Posted 29/04/2019 12:47pm (1 year ago)