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Disrispectful Driving Towards Cyclists

December 14 2015

Share the road please, The common law definition of “road” here in New Zealand essentially states that the basic right that is to be exercised on a road is that of travelling from one place to another.

For some reason there are people who believe that ‘the law’ gives individuals driving motor vehicles, exclusive rights to use the road, but nothing could be further from the truth. The liberty to drive is not a natural right and the provisions in the legislation impose restrictions and obligations, rather than granting rights.

We live in an era where common sense seems to be the most uncommon of the senses and we can find drivers doing what seems to be a competition to see who can overtake a cyclist in the most radical way. Once confronted the regular justification is that they do it “to make a point”. What point if you don’t mind me asking?

One day a driver with road rage will pass a cyclist so close that it will hit his head with the wing mirror and kill him, and then the point made will be crystal clear.

I hear all the time local drivers adamantly complaining about the recklessness of overseas drivers, but they are frustratingly unable to see that they drive like bullies and they behave as if they own the road, forgetting that the road is to be shared with others that also want to go from A to B, by car, bicycle or horse.

Respect and tolerance should be exercised in order to guarantee a harmonious coexistence. Even the brightest local seems to transform into a bumpkin when driving the Glenorchy Road, showing with its intolerant driving the biggest promulgation of ignorance seen in this land since the arrival of the pakeha.

Mad Cyclist

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  • Kermit

    This ongoing circular argument could very easily be resolved if cyclists applied a little common sense. Of course, suggesting that cyclists lack in common sense is waving the proverbial red flag to the bull.

    Just this weekend, I was driving (in my car) along the road, I come around a corner at a shade under 100km and what do I see? A group of cyclists travelling at perhaps 35km, taking up nearly half the lane. I, of course, jammed on my breaks, as did the cars behind me, and so on.

    To me, and look, I'm not a rocket scientist, the common sense thing to do would be more a cyclist to stick as far left as possible on the road. The reasonably simple rationale behind this is that a car weighs around 2 tonnes, so if you get hit on a bike, you're essentially being hit with the equivalent of 55,555 kgs of force; even as a not a rocket scientist, I can establish that the end result will not be roses.

    Sadly what appears to be becoming more and more common-place is an equal set of arrogance from some cyclists who appear to want to get one over a driver, and the drivers who get fed up with those cyclists.

    As I said, the solution is simple for a cyclist, ride in single file, keep as far left as possible, and if you've got a row of other road users behind you, unable to pass for whatever reason, pull over and let them pass.

    Not exactly rocket science is it?

    Posted 14/12/2015 12:58pm (4 years ago)

  • Ahoy There.

    I suggest "Mad Cyclist" that you peddle up Fernhill Road and safely park yourself somewhere near the Heritage. Unfortunately you have missed the crazy idiot on to his trick bike,the one with no brakes that crashed through the fence off the Platinum Villas,his injuries no doubt exacerbated by not wearing a helmet and safety gear. However it won't be long before you will note the endless stream of similar types racing down the same road with none of the prerequisite safety gear and weaving through and past vehicles with total disregard for the safety of themselves and others. Their finial piece of folly being to disregard the Stop signs at the one mile roundabout.
    The shame of it is that not only do they cause stress to drivers who have to put up their antics and to those that stop to help them, when they prang ,but also the cost to Taxpayers for medical care and ACC payments.Perhaps cycles should registered and ACC fees and other applied, this might make cyclists like the rest of us consider more carefully their responsibility as road users.

    Posted 15/12/2015 12:17pm (4 years ago)

  • qtqueen

    Perhaps if cyclists used some common sense and stopped going the wrong way up 1 way streets (I see it almost daily on Church Street, Marine Parade & Rees Street) then drivers may have a bit more respect for them.
    Cycling down the middle of the road on a 1 way street is a blatant display of arrogance and disregard to the road rules. If cars were caught going past a no entry sign then they would be ticketed and punished accordingly. So why is it ok for cyclists to do so?
    I think that this is a display of what you called 'Exclusive rights to use the road' being practised by cyclists daily in Queenstown.....

    Posted 15/12/2015 1:05pm (4 years ago)