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Disposable Clothing

October 9 2017

Ever heard of planned obsolescence? Well that’s what you’re playing into when you purchase one of those perpetually on-offer, on-trend items of clothing that are seemingly made up of a few flimsy pieces of synthetic fabric sewn together in an attempt to mimic some flashy Instagram-chic look of the moment.

Ever notice how you can only wear those pieces a handful of times before they either go out of style or fall apart? Which probably leads you to replace it with the next on-trend, on-offer look. Soon, you have a closet full of poorly-designed clothes that you can’t even unload of Queenstown Trading, so you dump them at an op-shop or, let’s be real - toss them in the rubbish.

The fashion industry is one of the most wasteful and environmentally-harmful industries out there. Why play into it? Why make the choice to have an excess of cheap clothes, when you could have less clothes taking up space in your closet, but of higher quality? Instead of continuing to buy disposable clothing from chain stores, I urge you to consider shopping at some locally-owned, high quality shops that don’t mass-produce their clothing.

It might seem expensive at the time, but these will be investment pieces that will last you longer than the cheaply-made trendy stuff. Or better yet, shop at the charity shops we have in town (there are some gems to be found!).

Proponent Of Sustainable Fashion

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  • Danny Dyers Chocolate Homunculus

    I bet you don't wash.

    Posted 10/10/2017 12:34pm (10 months ago)