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Disgusting Behaviour

April 29 2019

Blue Skies Probably not a good idea, see people can handle the environment chat right now because we all understand we need it to survive - and people are secretly shitting themselves, or else trying to pretend it can’t be that bad. However, start talking topics like anarchism, wage slavery and the need for the workers to overthrow their bosses to take over the means of production and you’ll quickly lose you QT audience except perhaps the exploited migrant labour, but what voice do they have?See Queenstown has become the perfect neoliberal project, have a labour force with little means to demand higher wages then put them into your own accommodation under the pretence of an accommodation shortage therefore locking them into working for you. So basically it means questioning the businesses leaders who are getting filthy rich in the process. Oh and I might also start questioning home owners who are putting 20 people in houses saying they are merely filling a need - they aren’t. They are creating huge social inequalities and filling their pockets whilst making living impossible for Kiwis. Disgusting behaviour. Let’s all take out a million dollar loan and cram it full of immigrants. Some economy. No gods, no masters! Im a NZer btw and not against immigration, however, I am against it when it produces huge inequalities in the society - the blame should be laid square at the feet of those running business models which I just spoke about. 

Jimmy No Shoes

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  • Plain Jane

    You make it sound like workers here are slaves and don't have a choice in the matter?! Change job, change accommodation, even change town there's options but of course easier to complain isn't it??

    Posted 01/05/2019 1:30pm (1 year ago)

  • Your Name Here

    First no it ain’t that easy to change job, relocate and so on if you need a visa to stay in the country. And in Queenstown most visas are attached to the company which is where the ‘slavery’ behaviour begins as the companies will and do abuse their employees - specially Philippinos, Indians and South Americans as most workers from other places are here for a short stay whereas the ones mentioned above are here to try and make a living.

    Second this situation is self-perpetuated by the uniqueness of Queenstown: people from English-speaking countries don’t stay long so they don’t care how crappy is their accommodation or how low are their wages and specially don’t give a crap about doing a good job at their workplace.

    Put this all combined and you get low wages, shitty and expensive accomodation and very frustrated bosses - yes they are humans and have their reasons too.

    And last but not least - perhaps more relevant than all! - suggesting that people should leave if they’re not happy won’t fix the issue!
    It’s the companies that should change their disgusting behaviour so people wouldn’t feel the need to leave and could be content in their workplace. Work is work it’s not supposed to be fun but it shouldn’t be miserable either and definitely shouldn’t be inhumane...

    To those who are in this slave-like situation being abused, bullied and humiliated at work to to and report! It’s the only way as we already know if you try the council they have invested interest and won’t do a thing.
    And best of luck from someone who was in that situation and is starting to turn the page after years trying...

    And Plain Jane: you shouldn’t be so ‘plain’ and start thinking a bit. It won’t hurt to think I promise ;)

    Posted 10/05/2019 10:53am (1 year ago)