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Did you vote?

November 4 2019

Did you vote in our recent election? If not why not? after a recount the number of votes that AJ Mason and Glyn Lewers gained were the same. A coin was tossed and although AJ Mason was already sworn in the other guy won. How galling for things to be decided this way. If it was a draw in sport there would be a better way to decide who wins? If one more person had voted it could have been a different outcome. I have been asking people if they voted and have been surprised how many did not, despite being dissatisfied with the way life in Queenstown is heading. AJ Mason would have challenged the status quo he has a brilliant mind and a passion for the environment Nik Kiddle made some cogent arguments on how to improve the things that we are all fed up with; parking, the ever expanding airport, tourism at any price, water issues etc. Some people I spoke to said they voted for Jim Boult because they didn’t know the other guy. It was all there on line, in the papers you could see what the candidates stood for. We won’t get another chance to choose who runs this place for a few years, but for goodness sake please vote next time. A vote is a powerful thing.

Every vote counts.

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