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Dear “Bilingual and Better than you”

July 1 2019

Are you better than “them”? You seem to have responded in the same hateful manner that you complained about. I am also a skilled migrant, I came to Queenstown 16 years ago. I read your letter. I hear your frustration. I am sorry you felt treated without respect by some New Zealanders because you are a migrant, I’ve been there and it’s not nice. I realized that it was actually the energy I was putting out and perhaps getting that in return. “You get what you give” is very real.

Did you read your letter again? Are you still happy with the way you sound now that you let off some steam? Or are you embarrassed? You really insulted these lovely people who opened their door and hearts to us. Name calling is not positive. They do not deserve that.

You are misinformed when you say: “...the government won’t allow doctors or engineers to work in this country in fear of skilled migrants “stealing” kiwis’ jobs....”. That sounds like an excuse. I have a degree in the medical industry, after working very hard and passing all of the required examinations, I got my registration here and I felt very welcome by NZ and all of its citizens, just the same as when I was a cleaner when I first got here, because every job and skill is important and valued in this fair country.

Hopefully it all goes well for you and I hope you can stay in this safe, stable, wonderful corner of the world. But please, if you end up staying here, try to show more love, compassion and positivity so this place does not get ruined by hate as you fear in your furious letter published last week.
Let’s look at ourselves more and build a proud, loving community with a bright future ahead for generations to come.
Thank you for everything New Zealand!!!

Spread the love. Aroha tino nui. Namaste!

Happy and grateful migrant

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thank you so much for your letter. We’ve had a lot of mixed responses in regards to the original letter and we feel you summed this discussion up well. We won’t be publishing any other responses around the ‘Furious Foreign Exchange’.  

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  • Your Name Here

    Good on you mate you’re one of the lucky ones!
    I’ve met a Indian doctor who drives a Uber because he can’t get a job as doctor and he was very open about the abuse he gets from locals.
    I know a Brazilian architect who has to pay his bills working as labourer because he cant get hired as architect - and he did spent thousands to get his degree certified.
    I’ve met a Chinese psychiatrist who quietly admitted he works harder and gets paid less than locals.
    I know a Indian man who’s very successful in local business and he too complains about how hateful queenstownians are.

    And that’s the real point here: obviously not all New Zealanders are hateful. I’ve met some wonderful people here and specially out of Queenstown. The issue is Queenstown locals!

    Business owners feel the need to bully their employees.
    Kiwi employees make more money than migrants regardless of qualifications and hard work.
    And local kiwis are VERY hateful specially against migrants!

    I do understand some of that behaviour: employers are sick and tired of the high turn over so they don’t want to invest the time to train their staff and in return the staff ain’t doing a good job - which aggravates the employer even more.
    And the companies don’t have much choice hiring people as most are here just for the season so they employ what they can.
    It is some sort of snow ball effect that would take even longer to get into but none of that changes the facts: yes it is a beautiful place, yes it is very safe, yes it does have one of the highest minimum wages in the world and yes they leave a open door to migrants but the only reason they do that is because there ain’t enough workforce here and no there ain’t no equality in wages or even treatment in the workplace.

    Again this is Queenstown I’m talking about. Loved the time I spent on Christchurch people over there are much more receptive and willing to talk to you like a human being not bark at you like they do here in Queenstown.
    And if you look for legal help - bullying in the workplace is against the law - good luck as chances are you’ll end up in the hands of a kiwi lawyer who’s also a bully and won’t shy from threatening you even though you hired him to defend your case.

    Queenstown is a nice place to spend a couple week vacationing that’s for sure - if you can overlook the obvious lack of infrastructure that is.
    But is an awful and oppressive place to live when English ain’t your first language and that’s the truth!!

    Posted 01/07/2019 1:06pm (11 months ago)


    Yes, but some of us dont want to have 100,000 people living here in the next 5 years....we would prefer to have less than 20,000 residents in the district....basicly, over population will ruin the place, as it is now.....its all about money , money money.....

    Posted 01/07/2019 8:04pm (11 months ago)

  • Your Name Here

    @Greeny: that’s the way the world turns I’m afraid. And the more money, the more they want - and qtw is a place where millions are made everyday!
    Plus is not very realistic to ‘want’ it to keep under 20.000 inhabitants. That’s not how progress works - people go to where money is made.

    It would be immensely better if the council could follow and implement the appropriate infrastructure though instead of wasting millions in a new building that will benefit no one but their own staff... but unless we grab our pitchforks and torches and go banging at their door how to force them to use that money in our roads and infrastructure..?

    Posted 02/07/2019 10:37am (11 months ago)