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March 18 2019

Let’s catch up (but actually not) I’ve lost count of how many times I was about to start writing this. I’ve thought, chill out, this happens, move on, he’s just not into you, it’s not meant to be blah blah blah… But enough is enough. Guys, honestly, what in the name of heartbreaks made you think that it’s okay to throw around phrases like “It was so nice to see you!” and “Let’s catch up again very soon!” only to then not act upon it. Worse, most of you keep the occasional message coming and instead of showing an obvious lack of interest by simply no communication at all (which would be nice and clear, thanks), you make sure to randomly pop back into our minds by sending a little “How’s things?” or “What’s happening?”. This is followed by a new start of the let’s-catch-up cycle which normally ends in silence, until it’s time for your next “Heyyy!”.

Dating is hard enough already, why do you have to make it even more complicated? I’m not a there’s-only-black-and-white person, but when it comes to dating I strongly believe that it’s fair and pretty straight forward to show the right signs. Not to mention, to make a decision to start with. Do I actually want to spend time with this person? Surely, that’s an easy enough question to answer. Yes? Then make an effort, make it happen. No? Just say no, it’s that simple (and definitely do not suggest a catch-up in the first place). I have yet to figure out if this is a problem of generations (the world’s your oyster and there’s plenty of fish to catch - yes, of course you can have them all!) or a local demeanour (Queenstown is the town of Peter Pans after all - I mean, who wants to grow up when you can keep getting wasted instead?). Or, who knows, it might be me. #stillsingle


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  • Elizabeth

    Its coming up to the end of the financial year and I am a home host preparing my tax return. QLDC charges an extra rate for home hosting and they give a likely range for the amount. However its fully 100% deductable against my Airbnb income unlike my regular rates. Therefore I need the actual amount. QLDC says its between 25-35% but thats not good enough for the IRD. I am happy to pay but why is it too hard for QLDC to be precise about the amount?

    Posted 21/03/2019 5:24pm (4 months ago)