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Council Referendum

April 29 2019

The way the council are wording the upcoming referendum so far makes you think it will just be coming from the pockets of the tourists, think about how it will get from the tourists pocket to the council, if it is collected by a government agency, will they take a fee? Also what happens when the occupancy levels in commercial accommodation providers drop like they have been over the past 18 months, will there be a new levy on top of the accommodation, on top of 15% tax everyone already pays and the new $35 arrival tax at airports. It will only be on commercial accommodation in QLDC area (including peer to peer, so look out all the Air BnB’s) so people will choose to stay in Cromwell and not pay the fee but still use our facilities during the daytime and hopefully still partake in activities but will they still eat and drink here or choose to dine in Cromwell, closer to their beds and save the late night drive through the gorge. What will Wanaka, Kinloch, Glenorchy & Kingston gain from this levy, except extra work to collect the levy? They won’t benefit from our new water scheme, sewer system upgrade and why should they pay when they aren’t getting anything in return except a downturn in their businesses? A smaller percentage on a broader group (especially as accommodation is third on the tourist spend list and only a small 14%) may actually be able to decrease local housing rates. An easy way to make certain locals aren’t targeted is to have a locals card. Most people either carry loyalty cards or a phone on them, apps allow you to scan your membership cards, the same could be done on a proven locals card. Smaller percentage across the board would be less likely to turn visitors away. The Council needs to be transparent with their proposal, leaving it to the last minute to say how the actual referendum will be worded makes you wonder... how do they expect people to have an informed decision or is this their tactic? Just keep telling the masses that it will be the tourist that pays, Wake up!!! Less people in hostel and backpackers mean less working force for restaurants, retail, activity providers and the list goes on. Get educated before you make your vote.


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  • Plain Jane

    Anon, sounds like you're in the accommodation business?

    It's locals who will benefit the most from vital infrastructure improvements. And of course smaller towns will also benefit from an increase in council spending to argue otherwise really makes it sound like you have a vested interest. You're arguments are very weak, what's your real agenda?

    Posted 01/05/2019 1:41pm (1 year ago)

  • Daniel

    Plain Jane you hit the nail on the head. The vocal minority on this levy seem to be the owner/manager of some manged apartments on Frankton Rd and a budget motel/backpacker owner from Wanaka. They claim to have 138 members in their anti-levy group but at a meeting a few weeks back only managed to have 30 people show up. Thats 30 people out of 27,000 residents which shows the level of support the anti-brigade has - 0.0011%. They don't seem to realise that tourists need to start paying their own way around here. And a reminder that it will be the tourists paying, not the hotels/motels and Air BnB owners.

    Posted 02/05/2019 12:40pm (1 year ago)