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Consent for Deer Park Mirror

July 1 2019

Kelvin Heights, the sunshine strip. Resident posh people stripping off into t-shirts at midday, sipping fresh fruit cocktails and laughing at the huge frosty shadow that befalls on us, Marina Heights. ‘Banished from the sun’ Heights. The Heights in perpetual permafrost. I shiver, sensing them gloating. Living out their glorious winter time happy and old while I’m bitter and cold. This festering ugly hate has all come about because I’m lacking that healthy good dose of Vitamin D!!! There’s studies proving that SUN improves your mood.

Isn’t there billions going into mental health right now? All I propose is a massive mirror on Deer Park Heights that’s angled to beam it straight back to the shadowy side. A community halo sun spot! Here we can gather round and one at a time we can walk in to the sunlight. Eyes closed, head tilted up, arms turned round to reveal the whitest fleshy part of the skin and palms out thus receiving the much needed ray absorption to balance our mental state. A big mirror on Deer Parks Heights = it won’t cost much.

Heighten Happiness for Marina

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    Fernhill has been in the shades for ages wouldn’t it be first in the queue if said mirrors were an option..?
    Just saying...

    Posted 04/07/2019 11:29am (11 months ago)