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Confusing Rant.

February 17 2020

So, I’m confused: Anyone pointing out the high proportion of road incidents in the Central Lakes area that are caused by tourists is racist, but one of the proposed solutions is road signs in foreign languages. Unless we want roadways completely lined with signs, won’t someone be choosing certain languages for the signage? Wont this be cultural profiling?

A number of families are playing musical primary schools at the moment because their kids are not excelling. They blame the school. Many of the same families pull the kids out of school to go to rock concerts in Dunedin, random ski days, winter holidays etc. What lesson is that for the kids? An arsehat work ethic that suits the parents but is blamed on teachers? Some people may need to come to terms with the fact that their kids are just plain average. We are being villanized by our (appropriately average) kids for polluting the planet. These kids own multiple devices that are not biodegradable, and send oceans of irrelevant social media messages day and night that will be stored on a server somewhere (Mexico) forever. Requiring power. Oh, and can we get a bottle of drink from the shop on our way home from school? And while we are at it, China has shut down an entire city, the media is catalytic with hysteria, I am getting bnb cancellations, but we cant talk about where this virus is coming from in case we are being racist (again). I’m sorry... but what?

I’m sorry... what’s your whinge about?