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Cold Case Cluedo

June 24 2019

I am full of a cold and at home off sick as I write this. I am pissed off. How did I catch it? Well it could have been the courier man who sneezed over me while I was signing for a package. It might have been the guy who sits two desks away from me who came to work coughing and spluttering for the morning before he went home sick. Maybe it was the sniffing lady at the café who wiped her nose on the back of her hand while she made my coffee. There are plenty of people with colds etc around town at the moment so if you do have a cold then either stay at home till you are better or at the least do whatever you can to reduce the chance of someone else catching what you have. Hand sanitisers, covering your mouth with your arm if you are coughing or sneezing, take cough suppressants… do I need to go on!

Sick as a Dog

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  • Hippo Critical

    Grow up pal. People get sick and it sucks for everyone. Especially in Winter.

    Might as well be moaning about Sunburn in Summer.

    Posted 25/06/2019 9:28am (11 months ago)


    The other day I was getting a coffee from a very reputable coffee shop....the girl who served me had a ring in her nose that was extremely big (the ring that is), and a large drip of snot was hanging off the ring when she served me....WTF......why would someone have a large ring in their nose in winter????? Why would someone in a coffee establishmen emply such a woman???? Strange.....

    Posted 25/06/2019 7:43pm (11 months ago)

  • McBike

    I noticed a man working in the fruit and veg section of one of Queenstowns largest supermarkets on the weekend who kept using his hand to wipe his runny nose, then continue touching the produce. Disgusting!!

    Posted 01/07/2019 1:13pm (11 months ago)

  • Your Name Here

    @Mr. Greene and McBike:

    Man walks into a restaurant and orders soup.
    Waiter brings it over, his thumb inside the bowl.
    Man complains, that’s disgusting!
    Waiter calmly explains: got injured thumb and doctor said it should keep it warm.
    Man angrily replies: why don’t you stick it up your ass then?!
    Waiter says: I did but I had to take it out to bring your soup...
    Drumroll. Welcome to Queenstown!

    Posted 10/07/2019 12:25pm (11 months ago)