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Closing Doors On People

January 8 2018

The LWB was instrumental to my partner and I finding somewhere to live when we first arrived in QT. I love living here and especially love how multicultural it is in this town.

Most people coming to live here seem to be on the same sort of page and like-minded, no matter their nationality. Therefore I simply cannot understand why it is ok or relevant to specify on the accommodation ads which nationality they want the person to be when applying.

You all know what I’m talking about. The ‘Asian couple’ wanted kind of adverts. What’s wrong with other nationalities? I would never state ‘white western people only’ and if I did so, I would certainly expect a lot of complaints

In a place which is so open to people from around the world, I’d like to think that people living here are more accepting and non- judging of people wanting to move here and enjoy this beautiful place too.

Please stop closing doors on people purely based on their nationalities and be more welcoming and accepting instead.


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  • Danny Dyers Chocolate Homunculus

    It's reverse racism at it's finest - If you're Asian and only want to advertise for Asian roommates it's not a problem. If you're a Kiwi and only want to advertise to people from the Commonwealth you can expect a sh1t ton of complaints from people who (wait for it) come from the Commonwealth) preaching how it is racist and etc etc.

    I believe you should be able to advertise and choose freely who you would like to live with, Would you rather live with a fellow Kiwi who can share and indulge in your own culture with no effort? or should you be pressured into considering other people who communicating with in a home environment is a chore just because its "the right thing to do" ?

    You decide.

    Posted 08/01/2018 12:33pm (10 months ago)