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Cinema Con

April 29 2019

Queues! Queues! Queues! I recently went to watch the newest Avengers in the local cinema and had to queue up an hour and half before the show started to be the second in line!!! Someone had beat me by 10 mins. As a self-confessed movie buff, every time a blockbuster is released I sacrifice at least an hour of my time queuing up to get decent seats. Queenstown is not a small town anymore and with the population growing, why can’t the cinema follow the example of other major cinemas around the country and invest into making pre-assigned seating a reality? Imagine so many people just standing in the queue wasting all that time away!! With so many shift workers on an hourly wage, why can’t we have the privilege of watching these blockbusters on the first day at a time convenient to us without having to worry about being on the early/right shift because we have to queue up or worse; having to watch on our days off and risk spoilers! In this day an age of technology, is it too much to ask for the convenience of booking my seats in advance so I am not stressed and hassled but instead relaxed so I can actually focus on the main goal of enjoying my movie? ‘nuff said.

Movie Buff

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  • Marlo

    I totally agree with you. I found it strange already couple years ago when I was here for the first time.
    It is quite backwards.

    Posted 05/05/2019 2:24pm (1 year ago)