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Can we just all STOP for a second?

August 5 2019

Y’know just take a breather and have a good long look at the impact on our local community? Today I read about ANOTHER two hotels being chucked up in the already congested CBD! This is after three were approved last month! We’re throwing people out of their homes to make way for more accommodation in Frankton and in Town. We cant even recycle properly. Our Bus service is joke, We have more people submitting for more sub-divisions in areas where traffic is heavily congested and they’re getting approval.
Jim, Can you stop treating QLDC as a profitable business and show a bit more community spirit?
The people that live and work here and keep your money machine ticking. Just stop with approving the hotels and the need for rinsing this beautiful land for every cent. You cry “affordable housing” yet we all know the people that swoop in and buy up 5-6 houses at every release of land (Shotover, HF, Lake hayes etc) Put the brakes on, take a step back and look at what really matters. Shame we’re losing the only “Heart” in QLDC with Alexa Forbes leaving.. Don’t be that guy Jim, be the guy that made this place better for everybody not just the rich folks.

Don’t be that guy Jim

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