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Camp Streets New Tenant

March 11 2019

Since when did it become acceptable to shout at an elderly lady walking by calling her a ‘see you next Tuesday’, shout racist abuse at tourists, tell people to eff off, knock your begging pot over purposefully and watch people pick it up for you and not say thank you, or even lay face down in front of the Queenstown Mall sign with your bare ass out for the world to see? Well apparently in Queenstown this is fine!

A certain individual in town I think needs some professional help, or to be moved on. There is no need for rudeness and disrespect shown towards the people putting their hand out for you. It won’t be welcomed here.


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  • Keep it Local

    Bring back Sgt Maloney.,we never had these problems when he walked the beat.

    Posted 12/03/2019 3:45pm (5 months ago)


    Yes, that E. coli would have been tossed into Horne Creek within 2 hours of showing his face in Qtown....his message to his mates in Auckland wouldn't have been. "Don't bother going to Queenstown with your begging bowl"....Sgt Malone was a cruel man, but fair....exactly what is needed to clean up this problem.....

    Posted 12/03/2019 9:17pm (5 months ago)

  • Here,There&Everywhere

    Its a Prank. Its actually the Town Center Manager,moonlighting as a living art Installation.

    Posted 13/03/2019 9:37am (5 months ago)

  • Daniel

    Simple fix for the QLDC - Do what London did: Bring in a bylaw making it illegal to beg in the streets. If he begs he goes to court and gets fined and if he keeps begging he goes to jail for a few weeks. Simple.

    Posted 18/03/2019 3:13pm (5 months ago)