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Butt Of A Joke

October 29 2018

I think everyone that lives here can agree that their main reason for staying in QT is the beauty of the place and to be fair, part of that is the streets are relatively clean of rubbish. I mean I don’t mind walking barefoot like Kiwis should during the warmer months.

Yes, so I live and work here and I am totally tired of every morning before work, picking cigarette butts up off the pavement within my works proximity! There is even a cigarette bin located next to my place of work and I have to pick butts up around that!

Would these people who are throwing them on the floor consider throwing litter on the pavement too? Do they not see their ends as the same as throwing empty packaging down?


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  • Tick Tock

    I understood the QLDC has spent thousands of dollars cleaning up the CBD of chewing gum, however, its fast reverting to what it was. The questions I would ask is;
    Would it not make sense that this should be undertaken on daily basis by those people engaged to undertake the CBD clean?.
    Is the person who is tasked with overseeing the CBD, who I take it is Town Centre Manager being held to account for the poor upkeep and ever deteriorating standard of the area?

    Is the QLDC enforcement team issuing notices to those people who are flagrantly littering in the area?

    Perhaps the Mayor and Councillors with CEO could assist by taking a walk or drive around some areas of the town before council meetings then they might ask themselves why and reflect on why Queenstown is such an unkempt mess.

    Posted 29/10/2018 5:14pm (9 months ago)


    Good point on the "Town Centre Manager"....what a joke....why doesnt he do something about the public toilets in Earnslaw Park.....FOUR of the 10 toilets are now "out of order" of them has been out of order since April.....Yes April.....when is he going to do something about these toilets....hopefully before the Summer Invasion.....Also, speaking of cigarette butts, I have already asked "how many $100 fines have the council issued to people who discard their butts???? NO ANSWER YET......Im waiting......perhaps they should give the Town Centre Manager a ticket book, and make him earn his $150,000 salary the hard way......

    Posted 29/10/2018 8:57pm (9 months ago)

  • OH NO

    MR Greeny, it appears that the Town Centre Manager is actually a person of mystery. Not many people inculding many of the shop managers in the CBD have met this person.No one really appears to known who this person is and reports to , what this person does or is supposed to do and what hours they work
    Perhaps the QLDC as they appear to via the ratepayers to fund this postion could enlighten us?

    Posted 30/10/2018 12:58pm (9 months ago)


    The only person from the QLDC who will know of him is the person who authorises his pay packet every week....he is a "man of mystery", whose photo appears in the Mountain Scene whenever there is a Grand Opening or freebie on offer.....otherwise he is like the Scarlet Pimpinell....never to be seen.....

    Posted 30/10/2018 8:55pm (9 months ago)

  • Tick Tock

    Perhaps they could provide the Town Centre Manager with a nice white dust coat and Lollypop sign and promote him to assist with Parking Vehicles in the CBD?

    Posted 31/10/2018 12:22pm (9 months ago)