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Bus no show

March 2 2020

Orbus please get your act together. It was embarrassing getting off a 3:30pm Aussie flight and having the bus do a no show. It didn’t turn up til 10 past 4. All these tourists had brought cards especially, then got fed up and took a cab. There was about 50 people left waiting with their bags. The Remarks bus stopped in & did their routine wait. I asked the driver how far away the intown bus was, standard response ‘oh just 5 minutes away... it could be late because of traffic’... What? traffic jams from Remarkables Park? I don’t think so. I think he assumed I was a tourist and didn’t know the place. We got on the dial to the helpline which has the most complicated number system 0800 ORBUSQT = 08006728778. This sent me to an ether block chain then to someones random mobile number that was never answered. It’s a shame, I use the buses quite a bit, but they really let me down this time. More than anything that helpline needs to be addressed.

You’ve reached the phone of Orbus. Bye.

  • George

    I’m sorry but this is the most pathetic whinge, from what I can gather from this person, they left the airport and MISSED the bus that was suppose to be there and complains about waiting a minuscule 40 minutes for the next one. Sounds like a boomer with no patience if you ask me. If you can’t work out an 0800 number that’s spelt out for you, I think there’s something wrong with this person not the system.

    Posted 03/03/2020 12:17pm (2 years ago)