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Boycott Bars Paying Minimum Wage

April 8 2019

On Monday, I went as I do every Monday to my favourite watering hole after a long day of hard work to refresh myself with the elixir of life but I was shocked to find that the cost of said elixir had risen from $6 to $8. That is an increase of 33% without warning! I asked why this increase had happened and was told it was to cover the cost of the minimum wage increase. Well ahole bar owner, if you weren’t the complete ahole that you must be to pay your staff minimum wage in this expensive town then the minimum wage increase wouldn’t have affected you. But to then pass the cost of you being a complete ahole on to your loyal patrons (without any warning whatsoever) is diabolical penny and nickling.


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  • Blah Blah Blah

    Did you ever think that the reason that you could enjoy a $6 beer is purely because the bar owner was paying minimum wage. If you want to drink in bars paying the living wage I suggest that you get ready to be paying a lot more for your chosen brew.

    Posted 08/04/2019 7:51pm (3 months ago)