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Big Friggin’ Fail

March 11 2019

My whinge is simple. We try to live in a plastic free/sustainable world, but when given the chance to live a ‘sustainable life’ by taking your own container to a ‘take away’ establishment they deny you of a discount.

Three of my colleagues in that same day received a ‘gold star’ discount for BYO’ing their container but when I specifically asked, she said no, they don’t offer a discount and then charged me $18 for a small meal.

I would say the person could have been new but having been to Big Fig almost weekly since it opened, I know she has been there since day one – and not to mention, never a smile on her face.

It may sound petty, but we try to be good saving the environment, saving them money on containers and ourselves a penny in our pocket – but being inconsistent with a great scheme that works elsewhere in town is quite poor.



Response From Big Fig
Yes, we certainly do offer a dollar off when you bring your own takeaway container – not sure why you didn’t get the discount OR got charged for a medium meal instead of a small OR why you didn’t get the kind of Big Fig love we expect from our staff!? Sincere apologies and please get in touch so we can get to the bottom of this.

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