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Arthur’s Point Development

January 28 2019

Open letter to council: I would like to know the planning that went on in the development in Arthurs Point across from the hotel allowing large buildings so close to road which would put great shade on a already dangerous road in the winter. 



Response From QLDC

Thank you for your comments and for voicing your concerns. You are right – along with many others across the district, this section of road does get icy in winter. It’s something as residents we need to adjust to and ensure we are always driving safely and to the variable conditions.

The development you mention is on the South/South-East of Arthurs Point Road. Because of this position, it is not expected that buildings on the site would bring more shade to the road than what is already there. The location of the buildings in relation to the road is currently permitted as part of the Rural Visitor Zone which applies to the site. You can read more about the rural visitor zone at Please note that this type of zone is currently being reviewed as part of the next phase of the district plan review. We encourage you to get involved with this review as it provides an opportunity for the Queenstown Lakes District community to give feedback on zone rules. You can expect to see more details about this next year.

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