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Appalling Social Media Behavior

October 29 2018

The first time it happened I thought little of it... Scrolling through the Queenstown Trading page looking for suitable housing options (along with many others), I saw a post with accompanying cringe picture from a seemingly happy couple stating they were moving to Queenstown and were subsequently looking for a place to rent. I thought at first this was fair enough, trying to put themselves out there, why not...

The days went past however and I started seeing more and more of these posts, always from young travelling couples clearly with no time to look for housing like the rest of us, but wanted the facebook attention a sickening picture and soppy bollocks post would bring. More days went past and I was at the point of pulling my hair out for the posts to stop. Everyday another post exactly the same as the others would go up and still couldn’t understand why these lazy buggers weren’t looking like the rest of us, yet assumed people would contact them because of their soppy bullshit post.

As a single traveler looking for a house with several other friends/colleagues we have had enough. Stop your pretentious self involved posts of you and your cute relationship which, lets face it won’t last the year... May you all be together forever.

The Cynical Traveller

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  • Renate

    Sorry but how do want people to look for a place to live other than Facebook? I came here nearly 2 years ago and was the only way I could find somewhere to live. If you are such an expert, can you tell me (and us) how else to do it? You sound so bitter I feel sorry about you. I hope you find a partner one day and stop criticize others for trying to find a place to live in this town with a current housing crisis :)

    Posted 04/11/2018 9:26am (9 months ago)

  • Fishing For Likes

    @Renate - OP is saying rather than take to Facebook to plaster a self-gratifying picture of yourself with your soppy bollocks "me and my partner" spiel coupled with a equally saccharine picture of doing matching yoga poses on top of a Sea lion to fish for likes - They should instead use Facebook to look for available places for rent and apply for them like everyone has too.

    If we all took the time to put up a picture of ourselves with a "Woe is us, but look how awesome my handstands are, give us a place to live" then Queenstown Trading / Renting etc would turn into another Instagram echo chamber of shouting: "LOOK AT US - WE ARE ENTITLED TO A ROOM BECAUSE WE'RE AN ENERGY HEALER AND YOGA PRACTITIONER" more interested in fishing for likes than actually finding a place to live.

    To tab onto The Cynical - If you want / need a place to live then instead of ego -masturbating in public, just comment, PM and put your best foot forward like everyone else has to because really the majority of people think your sweet post and "we are great" posts are nothing more than a boastful plea by pair of sub-par self-entitled arse-nuggets.

    Posted 05/11/2018 9:12am (9 months ago)

  • steve

    Fishing for Likes 1 - Renate 0


    Posted 08/11/2018 3:58pm (9 months ago)