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Another Drinking Ban?

May 14 2018

I read with disgust this week about our Mayor deciding to look at implementing an extension of the alcohol ban to now include Christmas Day this year! What is Queenstown coming to? Why do QLDC feel the need to treat the local rate payers as a bunch of children whom if they step “out of line” and actually enjoy themselves, should be met with yet another ban or restriction?

How much more co-towing towards tourists is there going to be before we crack? This town you may cry is built on tourism, but it is the 1000 local workers who celebrated Xmas last year that keep the conveyor belt well oiled! We pay your salary QLDC so why do you get to decide what is right or wrong for us?

Parking? = Banned, removed or so expensive you cant even consider meeting your local mates at a cafe for a spot of lunch. Crate Day? = Banned, Xmas 2017? = Extension of liquor ban. St Patrick’s Day? = Talk of an alcohol ban for 2019. We only just about managed to get Regaee in the Park approved on Waitangi Day. (No records of trouble or littering though from this event so guess not media worthy) And now Christmas Day!!??

QLDC have a hard enough time maintaining a positive relationship with the public - cancelling Christmas Day in the bay? Perhaps JB would like to share his address and folks can celebrate on his estate if he so concerned. Get a grip Scroodge.

Local Defender

QLDC have declined to comment

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  • Totally with the local defender

    There are two types of freedom... Freedom to and freedom from. Do we want the freedom to drink on the beach freely with our mates or freedom from the potential carnage caused by being allowed to drink on the beach with your mates. It seems our mayor is definitely a 'freedom from' mayor. This is such a worry.

    Posted 14/05/2018 2:39pm (10 months ago)

  • Danny Dyers Chocolate Homunculus

    Our Mayor unfortunately loves a headliner - I believe it was a slow news day and ol Jim had nothing on that day so thought:

    "Here's an idea, lets ban Xmas drinking!" that'll get me in the newspaper..
    "Perhaps I could drive my red car along the beach running over people trying to enjoy Christmas day, that'll get me in the newspaper for sure!"

    He got elected off the back of Crate Day and this is his go-to move for when he might be under fire for something.

    I couldnt believe they even wrote in the article 'Despite 1000's of people attending, police confirmed that only a couple of incidents took place in the form of drink driving"

    A couple!!!???

    Out of a 1000? so less than 1% then but still worth thinking about a ban?

    It's outrageous

    Posted 14/05/2018 3:12pm (10 months ago)

  • Free Me

    I rather suspect the majority of those who overindulge in these type of feral drunken get-togethers are neither ratepayers or deserve to be.
    I rather suspect the majority of ratepayers would rather see a convivial family-friendly atmosphere in ratepayer-funded public places.
    If they think it such a whiz-bang idea to attend events which are advertised via social media as a great opportunity to get wasted, why not organise an event on their property, sell tickets and issue each pricapaint a bag so they can vomit away to their heart's content so that others don't have to have clean up after them.

    Posted 14/05/2018 3:46pm (10 months ago)

  • Danny Dyers Chocolate Homunculus

    I pay a phenomenal amount of rates and i have absolutely NO issue with people enjoying a drink on Christmas Day on the beach. Full stop.

    Its a public holiday at the height of summer and I refuse to so jaded that even visitors cannot enjoy getting on the beers to celebrate.

    This town needs to grow up. In my opinion for the past three years QLDC, DTQT and DQ have one simple motto in place "If it might upset Chinese tourists, we need to look at it".


    Posted 15/05/2018 8:48am (10 months ago)