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Always A Second Class Citizen

September 17 2018

Dear Xenophobes & Lakes Weekly, In response to Lakes Weekly’s publishing of the comment by MR GREENY, “We could do with another million Chinese here in Queenstown, and another half million Indian taxi drivers...”, and speaking of the Chinese and Indians as if they are vermin, I find myself compelled to share my first impression of the Lakes District nearly one year ago.

To give you context, I will say I am of Asian descent but raised in the western world, and English is my first language. Arrowtown was my first stop as I was heading south. As I entered a shop, an employee made a beeline for me and sternly said, “No photos please.” And used the back of his hand to knock the phone I was holding, as I needed to keep time because I didn’t have my watch on me. I replied, “I’m not.” “No photos... PLEASE,” he said. I walked out immediately and wondered what just happened and if I was inappropriate somehow for deserving that treatment.

And of course, as I made my way through Arrowtown, I found the Chinese settlement, and read of all the racism that occurred nearly 150 years ago, and disappointedly thought, looks like they didn’t come very far.

I know racism has been discussed in many a whinge, but maybe we need to ask ourselves why the topic keeps coming up. And why does Lakes Weekly allow the publishing of comments that direct hate towards different races although they clearly say, to “avoid negative individuals” when writing your comments or whinges.

Do yourselves and others a favor and do some self reflection, please. And maybe go have a history lesson at the Chinese settlement.

“Unwanted” Asian


Response from LWB

Dear “UnWanted“ Asian, you bring up fair points and we want to assure you LWB doesn’t condone racism of any kind. That said, we encourage freedom of expression on our whinge page, so long as it encourages debate and highlights issues for discussion. The feedback from contributors doesn’t relect that of our publication.

Please note that care must be taken with the wording of comments. Where possible, avoid negative references to specific businesses or individuals. The Lakes Weekly Bulletin reserves the right to edit or withhold comments. Comments may be reproduced in the printed edition of LWB.

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  • Paul Dreamer

    Might want to get off your soap box buddy, I just spent some time in Asia and was called English, American and who know what else yet I am from NZ. In Vietnam I walked in to a few shops and was told to leave yet the locals were allowed to shop. It happens all over the world but "old white people are the only Xenophobes" seams to be the flavour of the day. No none of its right but don't just say one group is doing it.

    Posted 17/09/2018 7:14pm (10 months ago)

  • OH NO

    Why is that while i am a New Zealander and have lived in Queenstown most of my life that I feel that I am a second class citzen.Perhaps its because of councils that have successively downgraded our quality of life and environment,while pandering to their big end of town mates.
    Having to listen to newly arrived residents both from NZ and elsewhere who appear to have done little or no due diligence and then whinge and moan about the cost of housing and goods and services and expect us to subsidize the same.
    Scumbag employers who cry crocodile tears about lack of suitable housing and employees to fill them while actively seeking to use a reloving door of cheap and disposable overseas Labour,thus denying New Zealanders the right to living wage and a reasonable quality of life .
    Those who who blatantly tell false hoods at immigration on arrival in NZ about their intentions,covertly seek to work and live in our country.
    Or those who mooch around our country Freedom Camping thus abusing the good nature of New Zealanders .
    Yes,Unwanted Asian we have a lot to learn about tolerance in Queenstown.

    Posted 17/09/2018 8:27pm (10 months ago)


    Delighted to hear that Queen Jacinta has announced that NZ is to take on 1500 new refugees....appearantly we are about 60,000 houses short here in NZ, but never mind that....there's plenty of room under the Shotover Bridge for some of them.....bring em on your Highness......

    Posted 19/09/2018 5:11pm (10 months ago)

  • Brian McMillan

    I know this page is all about whinges from whingers, but……

    If so many of these issues are bugging you all so much, then please go find another town that
    • Isn’t growing excitingly
    • Isn’t full of (in your opinion) irritating Asians, Americans, Brits, Aussies, Aucklanders, brown people, fat people in lycra or everyone in general …(but all who generally contribute towards the bread on (y)our table).
    • Perhaps that other town also may not be filled with (in your opinion) so many racist shopkeepers, thoughtless greedy and oppressive employers or hopeless councellors….

    So go elsewhere! In fact that other town may not be full of tourists or businesses or employers at all; without which feed and fuel our business economy.
    How wonderful; you could have the streets to yourselves! There are towns in NZ like this; dying because no one wants to live there. (Ohura, Otira..try those… You wont have any parking issues, tourists or aeroplane noise!)

    We used to say that Queenstown was filled with happy friendly people, but not according to the regular entries from keyboard warriors on this page.

    Muldoon famously quipped in the 70’s of NZ’ers choosing to leave NZ for Aus, that they “would probably raise the intelligence of both countries”.
    Methinks that if the whingers left town and found somewhere else to grizzle about, the rest of us could just get on enjoying this fabulous place.

    In my experience of living here over a few decades; the core of Queenstown is filled with awesome hardworking decent folks. I meet them everyday.
    Problems? Lets put them in perspective huh?
    Roses do have thorns. Enjoy that.

    Posted 21/09/2018 10:41am (10 months ago)


    Brian, there are two opinions on that....there is "if you dont like all the changes and traffic jams etc, then leave", or the second option "if you dont like it, then try and change it back to when it was good here'....most real locals here will tell you that it was a lot nicer place to live 25 years ago.....the reason for that is because we have too many people visiting here, and deciding to stay rather than return back to their crowded countries. AM I RIGHT????

    Posted 21/09/2018 4:10pm (10 months ago)

  • Hop,Skip and Jump

    So, Brian, it's settled, you are a Queenstown loving Masochist.

    Posted 24/09/2018 10:07am (10 months ago)