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Air Bnb The Whole House?

October 8 2018

Is that even legal? I mean if there’s nobody actually living there and all the rooms are on Air BnB doesn’t it make it a hostel?
A very expensive highly unregulated and probably tax-free hostel..? And if it is illegal shouldn’t it be some government agency to check for irregularities and put an end to it?
I know for a fact that banks incentivise new buyers to rent the rooms and make money to pay the mortgage which in itself doesn’t sound right, but to get the whole house on Air BnB seems pretty sketchy to me...
Accommodation Critic

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  • Daniel

    Why does everyone give Air BnB such a hard time accusing people of being tax dodgers. Do you say to landlords who rent their house out to permanent tenants they are probably dodging tax? Of course not, everyone has to pay tax and if people don't they risk being caught and prosecuted. Hotel managers can dodge tax too.
    Air BnB is here to stay and despite what the QLDC think they can do by regulating it to a maximum 28 or 135 days per year (depending if they registered as a rental house early or not) it is totally unenforceable. My two neighbours houses are rented on Air BnB and they are constantly having new tenants but no one knows if its the owners, the owners friends or actual Air BnB renters. Certainly Air BnB are not likely to tell the QLDC and ultimately how does anyone every enforce compliance by proving a tenant last month was from Air Bnb, Book a Bach or dozens of other similar sites?
    Don't forget that this anti Air BnB sentiment is being led by hotel managers who are trying to protect their room rates. Dont believe me? Check the names on submissions to the QLDC opposing Air BnB's and see many are hotel managers or senior hotel staff in town. What the QLDC needs to do is keep approving as many new hotel consents as possible (good work lately) so that there are plenty of rooms available in town. Plenty of hotel rooms will lower rack rates meaning it will be less attractive to rent properties on Air BnB type sites and they will all return to being long term rentals.

    Posted 09/10/2018 3:24pm (10 months ago)

  • OH NO

    Its interesting that our council is so interested in taxing AirBNB providers yet its quite happy to provide free facilities and parking for Freedom Campers subsided by taxpayers and ratepayers.Why?
    That the same council wants to introduce a bed tax which presumly will inculde those persons staying at legitimate camping grounds yet exculde Freedom Campers.Why?

    Posted 11/10/2018 8:20am (9 months ago)

  • Carmen Burgi

    What is with the growing number of the extremely loud music outside businesses in the Cbd? I can understand music being ambience etc for your chosen flavour whatever-business inside the premises, but why does a biscuit shop or other food outlets need head splitting constant assault of noise outside their doors? It's far louder outside than inside, but still, pity the poor staff. (Perhaps that are already losing their hearing?) Surely if it were a building site ear protection would be required? Why is this acceptable in our Cbd? What happens when all the business in town follow suite? Time for the council to crack down on this now. Or will we see a jellyfish response of perhaps building a new pavement to accommodate the queues once again paid for by the ratepayers who get to foot the bill?

    Posted 13/10/2018 8:09pm (9 months ago)

  • Hop,Skip and Jump

    Carmen,I agree its not just the CBD.Take a wake up Brecon Street and get blasted from 6.30 am in the morning from a Cafe and then take a few steps and get the Boom, Boom from an adjacent take away to late in the evening.
    It appears the council, yes the same clowns who allowed this to happen to a similar joint in town, have in their wisdom have given the takeaway consent to operate right next to the footpath thus comprising pedestrians their right to unfretted access.
    While we are on the subject of pollution way has the QLLC or ORC instead of blame shifting to each other ,take some responsibility for the pungent orders and fryer fat smoke haze emitting from a number of restaurants and burger joints in the CBD or are the councils happy to live by their apparent credo from the frying pan into the fire?

    Posted 16/10/2018 9:51am (9 months ago)

  • Your Name Here

    So you’re saying it would be ok if anyone rents a house and get ALL THE ROOMS on Air BnB separately and make a profit out of it?
    Wouldn’t it be just a hostel and therefore should be taxed and inspected as such?
    I know people on both ends and I know for a fact home owners get away with A LOT of things that commercial businesses don’t and that’s why Air BnBing all the rooms in the house shouldn’t be allowed - or at least be put in the same bracket as hostels and the like.

    Let me be clear : if you own the house - not renting and not paying mortgage - and live there yourself then by all means rent the spare rooms as you see fit. But once you decide not to live there and rent everything separately your place should be in the same bracket as hostels - taxes and inspection wise.

    Posted 17/10/2018 4:39pm (9 months ago)