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Absolute Rubbish

February 4 2019

We have just enjoyed a leisurely day at the gorgeous picnic area below the Kelvin Heights golf course.

It was crowded and so lovely to see everyone enjoying the water. We were however a tad saddened to see bins overflowing with rubbish, bottles and cans stacked on top of the already full bins, and even more bags sitting on the ground.

At this time of the year, thinking .... either provide extra bins for the summer period, empty them more regularly, or place a BIG SIGN stating the obvious ‘if the bins are full, please respect our area and take your rubbish with you’.

Just a thought, I can’t believe people don’t use their heads. One big wind and it’ll blow everywhere, it’s not rocket science.


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  • Jessica

    Or perhaps people should just take their rubbish with them instead of relying on others?
    What was stopping you taking of that rubbish? Easier to write a comment and bitch about it huh.

    Posted 11/02/2019 3:31pm (5 months ago)