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A little bit racist

May 20 2019

I went to Avenue Q on Friday and loved it. If you haven’t been, then do yourself a favour and go! One of the songs is ‘everyone a little bit racist’ which got me thinking, are we all in our PC world a little bit racist?  Regardless if its at driver who doesn’t appear to know what they are doing- they are asian, the right winger who still go on about marriage equality rather than say they don’t like gay people, through to employers who inadvertently pay men more than women. These days are we more afraid of being labeled a racist than admitting what we are? Culture in New Zealand forces us to pretend we are all one big happy family but its actually not true. I know I have in built racism in me and yes it does come out on Queenstown roads and I doubt that it will ever change- rather than deny it perhaps we might be better to admit it. Thanks Avenue Q – great song and yes you are right – I am a little bit racist. 


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