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A ferry good discussion about our Poll question

December 2 2019

- Should ORC chip in to subsidise the Go Orange ferry service?.

* No. Big business can look after itself.
* Pretty sure the buses are big business
* Yes but with public funding.
* The buses used to be privately run and they couldn’t make it work. I think it would be great for ORC to come to the party like they did with the buses to make them a more affordable and viable alternative transport option. If it gets people off the roads, regional and local government should be supportive of it as they are doing a public good.
* If the town needs a water taxi service, we should have one and it should be funded the same way the buses are. In fact, it should all be part of a connected public transport network, accessible from one card/pass, because it’s 2019. That’s a separate question though. Should GoOrange get a handout from the public purse to run their commercial enterprise? No.
* Ritchie’s currently get a subsidy to run their buses so it’s same same but different. Someone has to supply the physical infrastructure, Go Orange are just like Ritchie’s.
It would be too expensive for QLDC/ORC to invest in this infrastructure so better to do a public/private partnership. This is how most of the transport systems world wide work, Oyster is a good example in the UK. They certainly have enough income, they still get a subsidy. The holders of the infrastructure get a public handout to support their commercial enterprise. Then they can keep the price for the consumer low to make sure the service is full and therefore viable. Unfortunately its the only real way to get bums in seats short of making parking completely unaffordable.
* I agree that’s the way its supposed to work. Hopefully the experience with ORC/Ritchie’s will have taught us about what to look for in a private/public partnership
* You will probably find that more people take the ferry than the KH bus. It would be an interesting comparison
* Subsidising Go Orange when Queenstown Water Taxis ran fine on the same route for years! Why?

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  • Kelvin Commuter

    I have been using the ferry service every day to commute to work since the changed service launched with Go Orange last year. Amazing service that is faster than driving to town, more convenient, more relaxing and hassle free. More Kelvin Heights locals need to support this service. Bay view has free 12hour parking and plenty of it, it is also right on the trail to be able to bike or walk along the lake to get to the jetty.
    The bus takes forever when connecting from frankton to town and the schedule is not lined up properly to get commuters to town at the right time of day. Not great at all.
    We need people out of their cars and to encourage more use of our biggest resource. The Lake!
    Support the ferry service, write an email to ORC and Take The Lake!

    Posted 03/12/2019 2:47pm (6 months ago)