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2am Fireworks

September 10 2018

Who was the loser that thought letting off fireworks at 2am on a Sunday morning in Arrowtown was a great idea??

Thanks for waking up our whole household and setting the dog off. Not sure what the special occassion was but you are 2 months too early for Guy Fawkes.

As I lay there awake at 2am comforting my dog, I remembered, this is why I support a ban on fireworks.

Be a little bit more considerate in the future.

Sleepless Local

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  • Boomer

    Yes we get the same thing on Queenstown Hill....drunken idiots come home at 2 pm and decide to let off fireworks. I have spoken to QLDC, but they say that there is nothing they can do. I have said to them why dont they have a fireworks zone, say down on the Shotover Delta, where anyone can go and let off fireworks, but oh no, we cant have that, it sounds too easy. So we just have to put up with it, until someone gets killed. Nobody in the council gives a toss about small children or pets being terrified by these drunken louts, so we have to put up with it. Dont even bother the police with this sort of complaint, they are not interested.

    Posted 10/09/2018 7:40pm (10 months ago)