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29 metres is better than 25

March 2 2020

There’s a couple of things that have me miffed about the public pools. Firstly the announcement from Alpine Aqualand confirming that the pool was going to be back up and running to public a little earlier than expected. ‘Earlier’? That words seemed to coat themselves with sarcasm because ahem! They were already 6 months late opening those gosh darn pools. Why has it taken soooo long? Who’s accountable for all of these mistakes? This is their second shut down of the pools, they keep needing to replace the tiles and deal with ventilation problems. I read in the Scene that 18 million dollars was spent on those pools, they’re only shy of a decade old. In that time I’ve used the Arrowtown Pool and I must say the setup is an absolute darling. I’ve grown quite fond of the place. Much cheaper than the Frankton pools and I’ve even managed to love the awkward length of the pool 29 metres.

The standard half the size of an Olympic pool is 25 metres, which is what Frankton has. The 29 metre pool means I’m going a little bit further with my training - Thanks Arrowtown Pools.


Size and vibe matters.


    Yes, another council cock the complex was built in the wrong place.......

    Posted 02/03/2020 9:55pm (2 years ago)