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Palm Trees & Pirate Ships

Unpopular opinion but is anyone else less than impressed with the new graffiti on Cow Lane? What has Pirate Ships, Palm Trees and beaches have to do with Queenstown?

Wouldn’t it have been way better to have a Kiwi-born graffiti artist (maybe some of the amazing talent emerging out of Dunedin, Chc) come and create a piece that actually talked to the town? Or the general area?

I like Steen Jones, but to be honest this mural looks like ANOTHER palm tree repeat for the instgram with no connection to the local feel or vibe.

Hopefully we can have some pieces that resonate to the people that have to walk past it every day and not just fly in another Aussie just doing it for “the grams”. Never settle for settling on templated street art.

Local talent


Reply From Creative Cows

Thanks for your feedback on the first piece of art in Cow Lane - we are happy to take the good with the bad! Art is totally subjective so we are not surprised some people love it while others aren’t so sold: that’s just the nature of it!

Steen was one of 21 artists who submitted to be a part of this project and was chosen by a panel of five people with various backgrounds and vocations in consultation with the buildings owner and tenants. His experience, skill and ability to paint such a large wall - along with his obvious talent - scored him the job!

The aim is to brighten the Lane with art, not necessarily create a “Queenstown” theme... We have plenty of walls left to colour and have some great Kiwi and local artists in mind so watch this space! Each piece will be different and hopefully conjure predominantly positive vibes for the viewers. We sincerely love the first wall and think it is a massive improvement on the ageing brown paint that is has replaced. We would also like to thank everyone for their support and appreciation of Steen’s work - he had a blast here and could not believe the hospitality of our wee town so thanks!! Big love! Creative Cows x

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    Next week in the LWB "VOTE NOW" the subject could be this graffiti painting....get an idea who actually likes it, and who thinks that it is vandalism.....I know where I am going to vote

    Posted 18/02/2019 4:36pm (11 hours ago)

  • g unit

    Yip looks awful, what does it have to do with the area, typical QLDC. Never settle...ffs its bogan.

    Posted 18/02/2019 8:08pm (8 hours ago)