This Weeks Whinge Winner

Sitting. And. Waiting. Behind a Bumper. Daily.

Sat behind a clueless driver at the BP round about today, no idea what the rules were waited through multiple gaps then decided to go right when a cop was turning in front of him and nearly hit him. The cop just looked at him and waved him through. The driver then went all the way to town in front of me at 45km/h, stopped multiple times for no reason then turned right without an indicator at the Copthorne and nearly hit oncoming traffic which had to slam on the brakes to avoid catastrophe. Fully sick of seeing driving like this, multiple times, on a daily basis and it seems so are the cops who can’t even be arsed dealing with it anymore. Time for change, don’t you think?


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  • Tick Tock

    Yes time for a change at the police leadership in Queenstown. Its hopeless its all based on reactionary rather than proactive policing be it on the road, foot patrols(when is it the last time you have seen that in the CBD) or idiots both locals and visitors driving around with mobile phones glued to their ear,parking on footpaths and yellow lines and seen police cars driving past (plenty of times). With the extra police coming to the district maybe it time to through away the car keys and cozy offices and get to some real policing work.

    Posted 19/08/2019 1:01pm (3 days ago)