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Overflowing Rubbish Bins

Overflowing rubbish bins have become a real issue in our parks, beaches and CBD. The bins get full and don’t get emptied promptly, so people pile up rubbish next to the bins. It seems when the lads come in for collections they ignore the rubbish surrounding the bin and leave it there for everyone to see.

The other day, I watched the bin emptier empty a bin, leave a whole bunch of extra rubbish beside it, then drive straight on past another bin that was 50 meters away from the first and also overflowing.

More people means more rubbish – the Queenstown Lakes District Council needs to adapt and either get bigger bins or tighten up their rubbish collection program and collect more frequently.

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  • Danny Dyers Chocolate Homunculus

    Standard QLDC procedure:

    1) Allow bins to overflow and only empty them every so often
    2) Allow overflow rubbish to build up
    3) Make a case for abuse of rubbish bin
    4) Remove bin all together
    5) Profit from not paying for refuse collection.

    Posted 26/06/2017 2:56pm (2 days ago)