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Brickbats and Bouquets

The Whinge I do love a good whinge, and have been a participant in your whinge page as a reader and contributor. But I think it is time you put some balance back in your publication. With the Brickbats you really need some Bouquets.

I mean it is not all bad around here! Sure there is a lot to fix, and stupidity is easily spotted, but occasionally we should also notice some of the more positive things too. Now I don’t want ironic or sarcastic false positives, those cheap shots are too easy to create and are really just whinges in disguise. I mean some actual compliments.

Like how I was pleasantly surprised to be able to get the ½ price gondola concession again this year. Good move. Sorry for those who didn’t know but good on those local businesses like Skyline and the Earnslaw that offer great season deals.

Not that I really want to point to business or financial affairs, they can blow their own trumpets, so how about we start with something that really goes unrecognised - like how well our street cleaning really responds to the nightly deluge that afflicts our environment. I walk the streets a lot (with my dog) and notice the broken glass, discarded junk food etc., and I have to say that it disappears pretty damn quickly. So a big shout out to those invisible Trojans.

What say you? Have you got a positive thought needing a place to go. Why don’t we hear some of the other side, to go with our whinges. Come on LWB – give us a spot.

The Bright Side of Life


Response from LWB
It seems that everyone loves a whinge and not nearly as many love a bouquet, well at least putting pen to paper (or Facebook). We will get a great call out maybe once a month and every time we get one we will always print it because like you we LOVE to give a shout out!

We have discussed it many times and will definitely give it the space and even create a section for bouguets as long as there are some even one a week that we can publish so come on Queenstown tell us what you love, who deserves a call out and what organisations have been amazing. We love a challenge, so thank you for your glorious ‘whinge’ and we’ll make it a NY resolution to give it a red hot go!!!.

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