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Queenstown Hill Needs A Rubbish Bin

I am a regular walker of Queenstown Hill. As of late I have started to see a lot of rubbish being left along the side of the track and bags of dog poo. Doing the tidy-kiwi thing I often pick-up rubbish along the way and take it home.

I think is really important to have a rubbish bin at the start of the track so that walkers and guests to the area are aware they have a place to put their rubbish, and dog owners have a place to dispose of their dog waste. I was also disappointed to see people camping up on the track towards the summit, some campers departed before I came down from the summit but left a large bag of rubbish where their tent was pitched.

I understand there are a few factors that influence the management of this such as allocation of resources for DOC, council and private owners of the land, but it would be great if this gem was not ruined by people who litter. Thanks

Queenstown Hill

Response from Anthony Hall, QLDC Principal Enforcement Officer

It is a shame to hear that irresponsible people are having an impact on your enjoyment of Queenstown Hill.
While a rubbish bin at the start of the track does seem like a good idea, the reality of the matter is that it will almost certainly be misused by the same irresponsible people that you describe leaving bags of rubbish, and become an overflowing eyesore. Unfortunately this has become the case in a number of popular spots across the district and while we are looking to remedy this situation, there is no quick fix if people aren’t willing to take responsibility for their own rubbish. QLDC certainly takes a very dim view of those who feel that it’s alight to spoil our beautiful district by not picking up after themselves and we encourage anyone with information regarding this sort of behaviour to contact Council directly on 03 441 0499 so we can follow it up.

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  • Wasters

    Hi Anthony,I was wondering what the QLDC excuse is for removing the Rubbish/Litter Bin directly outside the Queenstown Library?
    In any event having read your explanation is that all we the ratepayers can look forward to having our streets and public spaces even further littered with rubbish,.Because the QLDC ,who we pay for this service and its supposed enforcement have thrown up their hands and their solution is to remove the bins and blame it on "irresponsible people". Is this an late QLDC April fools joke.

    Posted 24/04/2017 1:06pm (6 days ago)

  • Mr Greeny

    Mr Wasters is right......what seems to be happening in this district is that QLDC is deciding to remove rubbish bins, or replace them with smaller ones, because tourists are depositing their waste at the bin sites....what has obviously happened, is that the rubbish collectors have said " to hell with this, we don want to have to pick up tourists rubbish," so they complain to the QLDC, who cow down to them, and remove the bins.....I say to the QLDC, GET REAL....we are a tourist need to make it easy for tourists to deposit their rubbish might cost us plenty, but we would rather have the rubbish in a bin, than all over our environment....for Gods sake, tell the rubbish collectors to PICK UP ALL THE RUBBISH....that is their job....if they dont want to do that, get another job.....

    Posted 25/04/2017 8:08pm (5 days ago)

  • Danny Dyers Chocolate Homunculus

    Mr Greeny - What's your basis for rubbish collectors not wanting to collect rubbish?

    I would argue that there are not enough rubbish collectors because QLDC has scrapped their positions to save $$ as opposed to the actual staff saying "Ive had enough"

    Posted 26/04/2017 9:28am (4 days ago)

  • Mr Greeny

    Hi Danny. 1. Why else is the council removing rubbish bins from all over the place. I can count at least 6 that they have removed in the past 6 months.

    2. They are replacing some of the bins with ones that you cannot stuff bulk rubbish into.

    3. I have actually witnessed the rubbish collectors picking up blue bags full of rubbish, but leaving 2 behind that dogs/cats have been at, and they didnt pick up the scattered rubbish , which would have been a 30 second job. Rather than pick it up, they just left it there blowing in the wind. I suppose they can say its not their problem, because the rubbish is not in a blue bag, but to me its poor form...its their job to pick up the rubbish.

    Posted 26/04/2017 5:53pm (4 days ago)

  • Danny Dyers Chocolate Homunculus

    Mr Greeny - I Agree with you on the blue bag fiasco for local collections - Far too many times have i watched with trepidation the rubbish collectors leave behind rubbish that has fallen out or off a recycling bin or blue bag.

    However though when we're talking town centre and public collections I think it has been a total cost cutting exercise - Less bins in town = Less staff you have to employ to empty them.

    Pretty standard operations by QLDC in my opinion.

    Posted 27/04/2017 8:36am (3 days ago)

  • notrocketscience

    QLDC..please stop putting things in the too hard basket. Ratepayers want a rubbish bin at Queenstown Hill and other tourist hotspots and want them frequently emptied so they don't become a problem. If that really is too expensive then you obviously haven't negotiated the rubbish collection contract very well on our behalf.

    Posted 29/04/2017 2:33pm (1 day ago)


    Dead right NOTROCKET.....they just dont seem to understand that if there are bins around, people will use bins and we get rubbish everywhere....a 3 year old would be able to comprehend that sort of science, but not the mighty QLDC.....go figure

    Posted 29/04/2017 8:18pm (21 hours ago)

  • Street Walker

    Rather than the QLDC spending 650,000 supporting their business mates car park at the airport and 2,000,000 on a town centre no local wants to visit no matter how Disneynified it becomes ,why not spend the money on good old fashioned basic services like litter removal, getting rid of flithy polutting freedom campers who Park in the town overnight ? And most importantly people who are prepared to get out of their office and get things done.

    Posted 29/04/2017 8:38pm (21 hours ago)