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A Bridge Too Far

Just read the latest Kawarau Bridge update and OMG. As a local resident who uses this road several times daily, I am disappointed that it will not be finished as earlier forecast and the whole project has proceeded at a snail’s pace. They should get their act together and finish it before Christmas.

This echoes what happened in Kaikoura after the Quake when they were slowly opening the Northern Highway until people objected how slow and little manpower was being used, and now there are 300 men working on opening the road and are making great progress. It’s pretty obvious the whole project is being drawn out deliberately for other reasons with financial gains.

So wippydee in the latest release they say that we will be able to use ONE lane only at Christmas, BUT there will be delays and the whole thing will be finished March 2018, BUT it will also be closed for landscaping at times after that. OMG.

John Snails Pace

The NZ Transport Agency’s Senior Project Manager Phil Dowsett says:

The contractors are working well on this bridge project with extra resources where they can be applied effectively. The inclusion of new pipeline infrastructure for Queenstown Lakes District Council’s new subdivisions now means that ratepayers will be saving money and not experiencing delays once the bridge is completed with retrofitting the pipelines later.

The excellent progress that can be seen will ensure there will be two-way traffic, using both bridges, by Christmas to ease traffic congestion at that time. I encourage your letter writer to read the project updates to get a full picture of the work involved.


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  • Crash Landing

    Why are so worried about the time line for the bridge when it only took the QLDC and NZTA two years to get a couple of dozen cars moved by the airport and the celebrate it as a win ,win.

    Posted 14/08/2017 2:41pm (2 days ago)