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Winter Ends Here In Queenstown

When it was announced last year that Real Journey’s was going to be the new naming sponsor of the Queenstown Winter Festival, Destination Queenstown did such a great job of spinning how great it was to have a LOCAL Queenstown sponsor on board that no one noticed that this would inevitably mean that would be taking the QUEENSTOWN Winter Festival and MOVING IT TO THE CARDRONA VALLEY!

You may be the masters of spin, Destination Queenstown, but did you really think you could spin moving the Queenstown Winter Festival to Cardrona? Was the new director’s brief to make Destination

Queenstown more disliked than NZSki? That’s got to be one of the hardest briefs in the world to fulfil but it’s been achieved admirably.

#wtfqueenstown #onlyenteringmydoginthecoronetdogderby #winterendshereinqueenstown

Very Upset Dog Owner

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  • daniel

    NEWSFLASH DOG OWNER - You can still enter your dog in a derby, its just at Cardrona. Can you not drive 20 minutes further away than Coronet Peak. From my place its 35 minutes to Coronet and 50 to Cardrona. Why are people bagging Real Journey for giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Winter Festival for its running costs? If the boss of NZSKI stopped his whinging (in last weeks other paper) and paid some sponsorship they could have held whatever they want at his mountains. If Pepsi sponsored it do you think they would be happy to only sell Coke at the events? Of course not. Commercial sponsorship is done to increase brand awareness and get people to your own products or locations. If you don't like it moving to Cardrona why dont you stump up a few hundred thousand dollars of your own money and you can keep it at Coronet?? #whatamuppet #stopyourwhinging

    Posted 17/04/2018 9:43am (4 days ago)

  • upsetdogowner

    Daniel, I think you may have missed the point. I am not bagging Real Journeys nor do I have a problem with corporate sponsorship in general. I have a problem with the QUEENSTOWN winter festival promoting the mountain in Cardrona Valley. The organisation is called Destination Queenstown and their mandate is to promote Queenstown to the world. So why are they using one of the biggest marketing platforms they have to promote the Cardrona Valley? Tourism Wanaka must be loving the free, hundreds of thousands of dollars of promotion

    Posted 17/04/2018 10:06am (4 days ago)

  • daniel

    I did see your point but my point is that Cardrona is not that far away. Admittedly Coronet Peak is the closest to Queenstown but from downtown it takes a similar amount of time to get to Cardrona as it does to Remarkables - or if the Kawarau falls bridge is still one lane in June (quite likely) it is quicker to get to Cardrona. The main part of the winter fest (bands,events etc) is in the downtown area of Queenstown so I certainly don't have a problem going over the Crown Range if I was interested in watching the dog derby.

    Posted 17/04/2018 10:13am (4 days ago)

  • Danny Dyers Chocolate Homunculus

    Mate.. Winterfest stopped being for locals about three years ago. Everything that made WF a local festival for people that live here and make up the town has been systematically ripped out and replaced with commercialized offerings instead. RJ / Cardrona will just continue that trend.

    Posted 17/04/2018 4:26pm (4 days ago)


    Easiest way for Coronet to get around it is to have its own Dog Derby at exactly the same time , and then have a cash prize $1000 more than Cardrona....and then see what happens....I image 5000 dogs at Coronet, and one dog at talks, dogshit walks....

    Posted 18/04/2018 7:15pm (3 days ago)

  • Daniel

    Nice in theory Mr Greeny but they would then almost certainly face the wrath of DQ who would then pull all the events like the suitcase race and promoted night skiing from them. I still cant see why people are so up in arms about Real Journey donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to the WinterFests running costs as if its Coronet Peak God-given right to have all winterfest events at their mountain. As I said in my first reply - if NZSKI can come up with hundreds of thousands of their own money to donate they should. Otherwise stop whinging.

    Posted 19/04/2018 12:58pm (2 days ago)


    The other option is for the "working dogs" race (ie the one for the farm dogs) to be held as tradionally it has been held at Cornonet Peak, and then the "townie dogs" (ie the poodles etc) can have their race at Cardrona....then everyone is happy.....

    Posted 19/04/2018 1:35pm (2 days ago)