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CBD Parking

I note from a newsletter I recently received from one of the towns real estate agents that Central and surrounding Queenstown are to be blessed with upwards of 800 plus new hotel rooms, apartments and any number of other commercial developments in the next few years.

Obviously, this is going to put a further strain on our already collapsing infrastructure and especially parking.
So I would ask if the QLDC could kindly explain what the provision for onsite car parks will be required for these new developments and the ratios required, etc?

Also how many on-site car parks will the QLDC consider suitable for its new proposed office building in Stanley Street, considering that the building will be hosting upwards of 350 staff, auxiliary organisations and visitors, many of whom are elderly ratepayers who will obviously need car parking close by.

CBD Parking

Response from QLDC

Currently, QLDC doesn’t require hotels and apartments in the town centre to provide parking. This is to maintain a vibrant and walkable town centre that is not dominated by vehicle congestion and large areas of carparking.
New businesses in town instead provide development contributions and pay higher rates than they do in other areas.

The idea is that we continue to encourage and invest in shared parking infrastructure located on the edge of town, invest in high quality public transport and improving walking and cycling connections.
The design and location of a new Council building is not yet confirmed, however it will be considered in the same way as any other major business looking to locate in the town centre. Suitable access for the community will be a critical consideration.

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  • Smash Place

    Currently we have little or no on or off street parking infrastructure in the CBD and that there is nothing of substance identified in the much vaunted CBD Master Plan. There appears to be no will by the QLDC to enact a simple solution of ensuring that parking facilities are a prerequisite of any new build because if you believe the QLDC they have an "idea" that somehow or another public parking spaces are miraculously going to appear. The QLDC would have us believe that people who are paying high end room rates or purchase million dollar plus apartments are going to be quite happy to walk across town to park their car return with their luggage or shopping to their accommodation and remember that as part of their enjoyable Queenstown experience?
    I think perhaps the big end of town would rather use the space of their CDB sites for extra apartments,rather than car parks because that means extra dollars for them.As usual the reasons given like those above are tenuous but really don't need much forethought to understand that the comfort of mum and dad ratepayer and or visitors don't really fit into the money comes first equation and future that the QLDC and developers have planned for us.

    Posted 16/10/2017 5:49pm (7 days ago)

  • Mr Greeny is becoming very obvious that these "planners" plan exactly what they are told to plan by the big time developers.....its all about MONEY.....

    Posted 17/10/2017 6:48am (6 days ago)

  • Daniel

    Dear Council Spin Doctor
    It's no wonder the public get so frustrated with you all. A new "hotel" gets announced on the Man St, Brecon St corner with no car parking required under the new PC50 CBD rules. Then a few months later surprise surprise the developer has changed his plans and it is now dozens of residential apartments - still with no parking. How can we allow million dollar residential apartments to be built with no consideration for parking? The owners of these apartments will certainly not be taking the $2 bus and will just park their cars around the CBD creating worse parking issues.
    New businesses in town pay a development contribution but does this help the parking in town? No. How can charging a new retail shop a $50,000 development fee create more parking for residential apartments in town? The public would rather see the QLDC force developers to include uinderground parking.
    You should also check with your colleagues on the location for your new super council HQ. They all know you will build it on the Ballarat St site currently occupied by the QPACT rooms and art gallery. That has already been decided by the QLDC - I know because I sat at a closed room QLDC town centre meeting several months ago and heard it directly - you just won't admit it publicly yet and say you are "still deciding". BS.
    The public want more car parks in the CBD and your HQ to be built out in Frankton - but will the QLDC listen? No.

    Posted 18/10/2017 2:47pm (5 days ago)

  • CBD

    Not surprised by either the nonsense reply from the QLDC or that there is no byline on who wrote it.Who would have the nerve to own up to that sort of rubbish?
    While in the ideal world,that of systematic planning and qualified people to implement a parking plan we would currently blessed with plenty of car parks and shuttles to ferry people to and fro. However we don't and there is no indication either in the CBD master plan or elsewhere when this may occur apart from some vague "ideal" being put forward.
    Since the council are so keen on development contributions to offset on site parking requirements ,why have these funds not being utilized to provide more public parking? Is it because these and other funds are being squirreled away to fund a self serving council edifice in the middle of the CDB . This will not doubt add to the parking congestion ,because you won't catch the Mayor and Councillors and majority of the QLDC staff sitting on a bus with the Holi Poli.

    Posted 18/10/2017 5:52pm (5 days ago)

  • Mr Greeny

    Notice that the "response" person doesnt put their name to it......its akin to Nazi Germany pre war.....they are telling us what is going to happen, and we have no say.....

    Posted 18/10/2017 7:16pm (5 days ago)