This Weeks Whinge Winner

Wow Queenstown, what a place.

I’ve picked up your publication while visiting from the US and wanted to pass on to the local population, just what an amazing place you have in Queenstown. There are 6 of us who have had NZ on our bucket lists and finally we’ve made the effort. Having never visited Queenstown we are blown away by the scenery, of course but the quality of air, its crispness and the clarity of water caught us slightly unawares. OMG its stunning. Every where we have been we have met nothing but politeness and its something I’ve rarely witnessed elsewhere. I’d like to think that if you visit my city you would be met with similar hospitality that you have shown us. I wanted to call out The Bunker for special praise as we had dinner there on Sunday and the open fire, the service and friendliness of the staff was perfect. Two of us are chefs and the flavors was world class. Congratulations. Thank you Queenstown, three days was not long enough but the impression made will last years.

Frank R

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