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So, what do you do?


When walking into a social setting and meeting new people.
What’s the one line you’re bound to be asked?

So, what do you do?

The dialogue has got to change.
Words by Lauren Prebble

It’s a question that definitely throws me in these gloomy Covid times. 

Dr Amanda Foo Rylan, Life Coach from Your Life Live it, sees ‘Anxiety’ as the number one issue with people right now.

“Anxiety is an emotion of the future”.

Who can predict the FUTURE right now? It’s flip flopping all over the place. Headlines throw a bleak fish slap.

What I do is lounge in activewear writing coverletters all day. I’m either in a gnarly position with food vouchers or ‘job seeking’ on a ‘semi retired living’. “I call it: Self-employed, unemployed’’

Jason Medina, survivor and world record holder for “most cliff jumps”. Also believes the dialogue has got to change. “Society should not define you by where you work’’

“Not everyone is working” says Jason. That line of questioning, when in an unemployed position, can often leave a person ashamed, he explains.

“It shouldn’t be asked unless they volunteer”.

He’s right, if someone is proud of what they do for a living, they’ll bring it into the conversation without prompts. Some, might be doing deadbeat work just to get by. Self-worth shouldn’t be associated with your job.

Identifying ourselves with what we do is a mental habit we have cultivated due to our obsession with work says Adam Chalmers, life coach from Awaken Intelligence.

It’s a really crap question for right now because we have no idea of the wave of individual impacts these unusual times has caused, especially as we head into a recession. We’re all coping with this as best as we can.

Dr Amanda Foo Rylan believes is an outdated ‘’90’s mindset’’.
“What we do, is a material of you as a person’’... “What we do, is linear”.
But perhaps its my internal dialogue that has a prick with the phrase. Maybe I should be interpret the question in another way.
“What should I be doing?”