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What is The Pride Pledge

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What is The Pride Pledge

You will see many local businesses with the Pride Pledge sticker or certificate displayed on their premises. In this week of Winter Pride it’s a great time to highlight the pledge.

The Pride Pledge is an initiative to increase visibility, inclusion and safety for LGBTTQ+ people in our community. Now is the time to make that tolerance visible and to celebrate our pride as an inclusive community.

Its ethos is:

All LGBTTQ+ people should have the freedom to be safe, healthy and visible. We will use our voice and influence to support visibility, safety, tolerance, love, diversity and inclusion of all LGBTTQ+ people.

Part of that visibility is to share the commitment on social media, to fly the flag of support proudly, and to make all members of the rainbow community feel welcome, included and safe wherever we have the opportunity to do so.


When a business signs up for the Pride Pledge initial Training and Development is recommended to organisations starting their Diversity and Inclusion journey to improve awareness among leaders and teams, and to empower organisations to have conversations towards becoming inclusive.

If you are visiting Queenstown for the Pride Festival this week welcome and we hope you have a fantastic festival.