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The Queenstown App gets stronger

The Queenstown App gets stronger. No surprise that locals cannot get enough local news and information as we spend more time inside and keen to find out how our community is faring. Of course, most of the news has been Coronavirus related and it seems as if we can’t get enough of it at the moment.

The App delivers local news for Queenstown 24/7, well almost, and to deliver on that promise we have increased our commitment to bringing accurate and trusts local news stories. Recently we employed Paul Taylor to the team. Paul has 10 years local journalism experience having been at Mountain Scene and for much of that period as editor. His timing couldn’t have been more fortuitous arriving, just as the need for local news ramped up.

Growth is no surprise, it’s been enormous. In the lockdown period the download rate has nearly trebled to 54 new downloads a day and 90,000-page views across the two weeks.