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Student Volunteer Army COVID-19 delivery service

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Student Volunteer Army COVID-19 delivery service

Can’t leave your bubble to get groceries? Call 0800 005 902 or head to to place your order - for delivery within 48 hours, anywhere in the Wakatipu

The Student Volunteer Army has launched a nationwide pandemic response to support people most impacted by COVID-19. They have joined forces with New World  to support those most in need during the lockdown: people aged over 65, healthcare workers and their whānau, medically vulnerable and single parents. The Student Volunteer Army Grocery Delivery Service is now fully operational across the Wakatipu.

Erin Jackson, part of the SVA Leadership Team & Queenstown local said to LWB “With the arrival of COVID, it became very clear that for many, getting to the supermarket for essentials will be a huge challenge: especially with limited online options in the area”.
The Student Volunteer Army have partnered with New World and built an online shop ( - or you can order by calling 0800 005 902.

“Volunteers then pick up your order the next morning and deliver, contactlessly to your door with a friendly smile and all within 48 hours. It’s perfect for those who can’t just ‘pop to the supermarket’, whether due to age, health or circumstance”.

We’re looking forward to helping get people their groceries and we’ll continue to do so as we move through the COVID alert levels. The service is being embraced by places that have a local heart and real sense of community” Erin said SVA has partnered with Hyundai, who are providing our volunteers with vehicles in which to get around and Z Energy who have kindly donated the fuel to run them. Their assistance has truly brought the response to life.

Support the response

There are three keyways that you can support the Student Volunteer Army’s COVID-19 volunteer response:
1. Volunteer
2. Send us to a friend or neighbour that needs our help, or shop on their behalf
3. Support our efforts by donating:

For more information, you can contact Erin on