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Stay home

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Otago Lakes District Police have been as busy as ever over recent days, but it’s no surprise to say Police’s daily role had adapted to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Our officers remain committed to making sure people are safe and secure, and we’ve been out in the community, on the roads and connecting with local businesses and groups to make sure people are safe and informed.

We are focussed on ensuring people are complying with the Government’s Alert Level 4 restrictions, because we are all in this together. We are doing this by being visible in our communities and having conversations with people reinforcing the guidelines around what New Zealanders should be doing.

This includes providing information around safe physical distancing – 2 meters, staying at home and staying within our bubbles.

Police can’t repeat it enough – stay at home, save lives – the message is simple.

In general the Lakes District community has followed the guidance and stayed home – but we need a higher level of compliance to make a difference and save lives.

There have been some isolated incidents where there were reports of people congregating. You will have seen news reports of backpackers getting together – this is behaviour we cannot tolerate because New Zealanders lives are at risk.

In these situations the people were spoken to and provided with advice on what the restrictions mean. We don’t want to get to a place where have to enforce these restrictions that come with Alert level 4, but we will if required.

Everyone can assist by continuing to self-isolate in their own homes and if they wish to exercise remaining within their neighbourhood. Travel should be restricted to that which is essential and only necessary to obtain food or other medical assistance.

We know the current situation will cause stress and uncertainty for many. We want to remind everyone that it is OK to ask for help for yourself or for someone else. Help is available. If you or someone else is in danger, or you think someone could be harmed or may harm themselves, please call 111.


Stay calm, be compassionate and kind to one another, and have confidence that police and our partners are here to support all communities. Right now we are encouraging everyone to stay home and stay safe – so we can save lives.