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Recycle to Upcycle Exhibition

David Artworks

The Queenstown Arts Centre has held their Annual ‘Recycle to Upcycle Exhibition’ since 2014. This exhibition attracts artists of all ages and we receive an extremely diverse range of artworks. Amongst these amazing creations we have seen artworks such as globes made from ice skating blades, jewellery from car tyres and much much more. It’s fantastic to see what comes through the door and to hear the story or thought process that goes along with it. More so it gives first time exhibitors a chance to show off their creations without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated, it’s just a really fun and interesting exhibition. We’d love to see you here.

Exhibition starts on Friday, 18th September to 17th October

The Arts Centre is situated on the corner of Ballarat and Stanley street and is open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 4pm - Entry is free

One of this year exhibits by Wanaka Artist David Hoogduin, of RE-BOTS NZ