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Lockdown conditions are evolving

Lockdown conditions are evolving

Over time the framing around which businesses can do what has evolved and some businesses are able to trade online, or remotely while others have been relaxed. Fingers crossed after four weeks some loosening will allow for more flexibility and as these impacts your business we are here to help.

Across our online offerings whether it’s our blogs, our App, our Facebook following and of course the Lakes Weekly, we are here to help let Queenstown and the region know how they can take advantage of your services. All the team are working and have access to all the tools to bring you a targeted campaign that reaches your local market.

If you would like some creative ideas or an ad produced just drop us a note or give us a call.

Catherine Mercer - - 027 777 2785

Kylee DeSuza - - 021 0442 968

Sandra Maddison - - 021 030 8146